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First Impressions

For those of you who I have not yet had the pleasure of speaking to, my name is Bob Teasdale and I am myhrtoolkit’s new Business Manager. I joined the team at the end of 2012; just in time for a 2 week holiday over Christmas.

I’m working alongside the rest of Team Toolkit: Anthony, Vanessa and Jon, ensuring that all of our clients and partners continue to receive a premium service while rolling out some new ideas during 2013. I like a challenge and think I’m going to get one as customers have been signing up for the toolkit in record numbers.

My background is in the recruitment industry and service desk management. For 12 years I oversaw the development of the IT Service Desk for Britain’s favourite airline and faced many of the same HR challenges our customers face every day. My all-time favourite being the chap who rang in to say he couldn’t come to work as his ‘mam’ (he was from Newcastle) was working an early shift and had locked him in the house! I wish we’d had the toolkit back then.

All Things New

For now I thought I’d flag up a few of the things that are happening over the next month or so.

  • We are now making the most of our LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, connecting with customers, resellers and the HR ‘social’ world. You can expect to see more content going live in the following few months, including our LinkedIn community group. If you’ve not found us yet, here are the links you need for Twitter, LinkedIn and the LinkedIn Group.
  • Anthony is re-making our demo videos. First up is the famed ‘2 minute demo’, which turned out to be over 3 minutes! Next will be the longer ones. You can also expect to see more of the embedded tutorial videos in the toolkit.
  • We’ll soon be rolling out a new 2 stage approval option for holiday, which facilitates the approval of both a 1st and 2nd stage holiday manager before leave is confirmed. We’ll be posting a full list of the 2012 updates next week, with more to come.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @myhrtoolkit to keep up to date with all the news!

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