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HR – IT Balancing Act?

A few weeks ago, Helen Beckett asked the question “Is Facebook HR’s Answer for Performance Management”? Helen raised some interesting points about the role of HR and IT directors in a business and whether the two should “buddy up”.

Due to the increasingly social nature of how HR interacts with employees (the example Helen uses is Facebook), there seems to be a change on the horizon. She, quite rightly, notes that large companies are now adopting “innovative HR products” much like myhrtoolkit. SMEs are able to utilise online HR software quickly and efficiently, but it could be difficult for the much larger companies to install a similar system company-wide.  This is where the point about HR and CIOs working together may be beneficial.

If both the HR department and the IT department can work to solve problems that they both face together, then systems can be developed and improved upon to ensure smooth management of resources and employees.