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Stop Wasting Time at Work

ECJ ruling on mobile workers

Employees wasting time at work is costing businesses a lot of money each year and is a HR nightmare, especially when employees are wasting time on social media websites instead of doing work.

We have put together a simple infographic that highlights how much time employees are wasting at work. However, having looked at the research we actually feel this is very conservative as although people are admitting to wasting time at work on social media and shopping the figures are lower than estimates given to us by HR professionals.

Wasting time at work


Time wasting at Work

Employees wasting time at work is on the increase as more and more employees are accessing social media and shopping websites at work. Surprisingly most employees seem to want to catch up on current affairs by spending more time surfing news sites than social media, however it is unclear as to if social media was the initial referrer to the news articles. Employees are wasting time at work browsing, socialising, shopping and conducting personal business.

Most companies and employers are relaxed over internet usage however those minutes on Facebook are starting to add up and costing employers money in lost time. When asked why employees waste so much time online, 35% of them stated they were not challenged enough in their jobs, whilst 18% blamed low pay.

Work related time wasting

Social media and personal time is not the only way in which employees are wasting time, many employees complain that some day to day tasks are wasting their time and keeping them from carrying out their work.

The biggest waste of time is trying to get hold of customers or colleagues, with repeated phone calls and emails. It is also estimated that 39 minutes per day (on average) are spent duplicating and resending information.

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