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Data Driven HR

Big data HR

The term “big data” is thrown around a lot in business and marketing, but does it really apply to HR?

Learning from marketers – Using data to understand behaviours


As technology improves the ability to collect data on everything becomes easier and easier. But HR is dealing with people, not IT or data, so how is this really going to help HR managers? Well many marketing teams collect huge amounts of data all the time, and they’re not IT people. However they are very good at understanding behaviour and insights from data analysis, and this helps them make important decisions to drive their business forward. HR can perform the same types of analysis to understand staff behaviours, patterns and trends which are just as important for business progression.

Collecting data seems to be something only the big corporations are doing, but many SME’s should also be looking at tracking staff behaviour and storing data more efficiently. If they’re not doing this they’re potentially missing out on crucial insights that could help their business.

HR Software

HR Software can help track and analyse your staff . According to the Argyll survey only 32% of HR staff are looking at improving data and analytics. HR technology and HR software can be used for performance management and learning management; and this is really just scraping the surface.

HR software can improve staff engagements and help promote a positive company culture. The data you get from using HR software not only makes your job easier but helps you identify areas of improvement in the company. The software can help you manage absenteeism and importantly track appraisals easily. This information can be used to improve procedures and help staff feel valued.
Data doesn’t have to be cold hard numbers but can be an easy way of organising the information you would normally have on spreadsheets.

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