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Improving Staff Engagement

hr engagement

Staff engagement is a priority for most HR managers or anyone who is responsible for HR duties. Staff engagement can save the company money in recruitment, retention, and training and of course staff development.

Studies have shown that engaged employees are more productive and less likely to leave. Most companies realise that they need to improve staff engagement in their business but the question is how and what works best?

Performance Development Planning (PDP)

In a LinkedIn survey, it was shown that many staff are more likely to leave if they have no career plan or their part in their company’s growth is not made clear.

Regular appraisals and reviews with your staff that help you work towards a clear plan that is in the best interests of both parties will show staff that you are investing in their development and see them as being a larger part of the company if objectives are met.

Training courses, development plans and regular objectives that if met by the next review would equate to a pay rise, help employees feel that they are moving in the company.


Communication is needed between employees, management, and HR personnel. It is important that not only are regular meetings and reviews held but also that they are documented and understood fully.

Communication comes as much from listening as it does from talking. If employees feel heard and issues are responded to they will feel much more important in the company.

Engaged Employees

Employees who feel part of the company and can see a future within the company tend to be more productive and become ambassadors of the business.

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