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6 HR headaches you can ditch with human resources software

Do you get frustrated wasting valuable time searching for emails and updating clunky spreadsheets? Are you tired of having to hunt down data on specific employees in a range of paper files?

The good news is that things don’t need to be this way. In fact, good online human resources software will not only solve these problems, but also offer you a host of other improvements. So what are the 6 biggest HR headaches you can get rid of?

You can put an end to conflicts over holidays

One of the biggest headaches you can solve with online HR software is arguments over holidays. That is because your software should allow you to set entitlements for each employee. This means they can login and see immediately how much holiday they have taken to date and how much they have left for the rest of the year. They should also be able request holidays which their manager can accept or decline. If the software then puts an instant record of holiday bookings in a holiday planner, you can avoid any disputes over who booked what first.

Before accepting a holiday request, the manager should also be able to consult the holiday planner to see if any other members of their team have already booked off holiday for that period. In this way, they can ensure they don’t have too many key employees off at one time.

You can step away from the HR message minefield

If your organisation currently uses a mix of emails, phone calls and Post-it notes to pass on messages relating to HR, you will know just how long it can take to track responses and find historic emails. Whether you are actioning holiday requests or checking staff have read important documents, every task can seem to take an age.

However, with a good online HR solution, you should get access to a host of communications features that allow you to keep all your HR-related messages in one place. For example, its online Communications tools should allow you to send messages (with or without attachments) to individual employees or groups of staff and, unlike email, should give you a clear record for each employee of what you sent to them and when.

Your staff should then get a notification of some kind that you have sent them a message. For example, in some systems a message will appear on their Message Board, enabling them to see at a glance any actions they need to take.

Many systems will also include a document tracking feature, which means that if your messages contain policies or other documents you need staff to read, you will be notified as you as soon as they acknowledge that they have read them. This is good because online “signatures” or “clicks” are considered as valid as handwritten signatures for most documents you deal with in HR.

If staff are slow to acknowledge that they have seen and read documents, the automated reminder feature in your online software will make your life much easier when chasing responses.

You can stop being the one who does everything

Historically, HR Managers or SME business owners had to take on the responsibility for doing all the tasks relating to HR administration.

However, the great thing about cloud-based HR software is that any staff members can log on to use the system at any time to carry out a number of HR tasks online – we call this “self-service”. This can include completing and uploading sickness notes, requesting holidays, updating their own personal details and confirming that they have read any important documents you have sent them.

In other words, the responsibility for a lot of administrative tasks moves to the individual staff and their managers, reducing your own workload significantly.

You can avoid the personnel record run-around

How many hours a week do you spend hunting down specific information on individual employees across a range of spreadsheets, emails and paper files?

With online HR software, you can do away with this frustration. That is because every member of staff will have their own comprehensive personnel record in the system. From there, you can see every bit of information relating to them, from when they have booked holidays and have been off sick to their disciplinary records and appraisal history. In other words, everything you need to know is there, all at the touch of a button.

You can stop worrying about neglecting performance management

With HR software reducing the time you need to devote to administration, you can focus more time on boosting staff performance through important staff appraisals.

Again, the functionality you will get will depend on which software product you choose, but great performance management software will cover the whole appraisal process from start to finish.

This can include the ability to create appraisal templates, schedule appraisals and set alerts, send proforma appraisal documents and record one-to-one meetings. You may also be able to link any objectives you set for the employee to the company’s goals and monitor the employee’s performance against these. In some cases, HR software will also allow you to compare staff performance to see if they are meeting expectations or require more guidance and training.

In terms of training, HR software usually allows staff to submit a request for a training course which their manager can then approve or decline. Other functionality usually included is the ability to record training course details, attach training certificates and receive reminders when certification is due to expire.

You can take the stress out of management reports

The great thing about removing so much of the administrative burden on HR managers and business owners responsible for HR, is that you get the time to create and analyse useful reports from which you can extract valuable management information.

Different HR software providers typically offer a varied range of reporting functions, from basic reporting on areas such as holidays and absence to detailed employee analysis. Some products may also offer trend analysis and scenario planning.

By using these sorts of reporting features, you can start to make clear plans for future business development and identify any areas for improvement. For example, you might identify training gaps that would make departments much more effective if addressed.

In addition to supplying valuable management information, these reports can go a long way towards reducing the time you spend on HR admin. For example, some systems will generate a weekly report to alert managers to areas requiring their attention such as training that is due to expire or which staff are yet to read important documents.

These handy reminders mean you don’t need to constantly check records for fear of missing something and can quickly send messages to relevant staff, as required.

Which headaches would you like to get rid of with human resources software?

As soon as you start looking into the various HR software products on the market, you will find that they all offer a different range of features and benefits. Of course, if you are prepared to pay a large amount of money for a fully bespoke solution, you can make sure the software does absolutely everything you would like it to do.

But for most organisations this sort of investment is just completely over the top and they have to decide to go with software that might not cover every aspect of HR admin and management.

If this is the case for you, have a think about the three main headaches you would like your software to address, then find two or three products that can do this for you. By trialling them you will work out which one you prefer to work with and at least you will know that it will still make a huge impact in terms of making your life easier.

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