Case Study:

Staying Cool uses myhrtoolkit to fully accommodate their HR processes

Staying Cool is an award-winning boutique aparthotels and serviced apartments operator with 4* and 5* properties in Birmingham and Manchester. Their apartments have had glowing reviews from publications ranging from TimeOut and Red magazine to The Telegraph.

Deputy General Manager, Alex Mee spoke to us about how the myhrtoolkit system has helped their small business thrive with HR requirements and staff management.

How did you handle HR admin before myhrtoolkit?

“We’ve been using myhrtoolkit for over 7 years now. Before Staying Cool, I used to work for a very large hotel group, and we had our own in-house software system for HR. It wasn’t nearly as comprehensive for HR processes, though it did have some good functionality.”

Why did you choose myhrtoolkit to be your HR software provider?

“We chose myhrtoolkit as a system with a great focus on SMEs. It really is a one-stop tool for all of an SME’s HR needs. The system was recommended to us by HR Department, who are really knowledgeable in using the software.”

“There’s not been a day where we’ve thought about changing software provider. It’s fantastic for a single property hotel like ours.”

How has myhrtoolkit helped you manage your staff?

“One of the best things about myhrtoolkit is the ability to manage holiday rotas effectively. All department managers can see holiday bookings across departments and make decisions on accepting or denying holiday requests based on this.”

“Myhrtoolkit has also been great for our performance management processes. We use the system to add appraisal documents and keep track of performance throughout the business.”

“We also use a lot of the reporting tools on the system. For instance, the sickness absence report is very useful for monitoring absence and identifying any trends in sickness that we may not see otherwise. It makes managing absence problems a lot easier.”

What is your favourite feature on the myhrtoolkit system?

“My favourite feature on the system is the ability to have different holiday years. We start an employee’s holiday entitlement year from the day they join the company, so our holiday years are constantly rolling. We’ll get to December and there’ll be people who’ve only had half their holiday year! So, the ability to set up different holiday years has been invaluable. I’ve never seen another system that can manage different holiday years like that.”

Would you recommend myhrtoolkit to others?

“I’d recommend myhrtoolkit to other businesses, particularly to manage all aspects of HR. It stops the days of having multiple systems all doing different aspects and not speaking to each other. With myhrtoolkit, you’ve got everything in one place.”

There’s not been a day where we’ve thought about changing software provider. It’s fantastic for a single property hotel like ours.
Alex Mee
Deputy General Manager, Staying Cool

Top benefits for Staying Cool:

The system provides a central place for managing HR and staff data.
The staff holiday calendar lets managers view holiday across departments.
Reporting tools are useful for identifying patterns and trends e.g. with sickness absence.
Being able to set different holiday years is ideal for their start-date holiday year setup.
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