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HR software free trial
  • Your HR software free trial

    Our trial system includes demo data such as employee info, holiday bookings and documents.

  • View admin access

    Log in as a Controller to see everything that your HR personnel or admin staff would be able to access.

  • View staff access

    Log in as an employee to view the self-service and holiday booking features available to your employees.

  • Test the whole system

    Test all the HR software features available to see how the system could benefit your business.

While on your free trial - get the full tour!

Ask us about a screen-share demonstration to talk you through all of our HR software features and answer any questions you may have.

HR software free trial: FAQs

How can I get started with my free trial?

Once you've got in touch with us to setup your free myhrtoolkit trial account, the best way to start is with a quick demonstration from a member of our Sales and Support team. This will get you off to a flying start with your free trial! We also have a full Support area online, which can help you get a better feel for how to use the system to your best advantage.


Is the full HR software system available for free?

We don't offer a free version of the full myhrtoolkit system, but as you can see on our pricing page, the system is very reasonably priced and includes all features at every level of access. Plus, we offer a monthly rolling contract, so you can cancel anytime.


How do I go from the free trial to fully live?

If and when you're ready to go live with your system, the Support team are here to help you set everything up and import your data. You can also check out the Initial setup guide for a step-by-step on how to take your account live.

I have another question...?

If you have more questions before getting started with your free trial, feel free to get in touch with the Sales team by emailing or phoning 0345 225 0414 (Option 1).


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