1. Health And Safety Representatives

    We’ve introduced a new role to the Toolkit: Health and Safety Representative

    Offering a new set of permissions, Health And Safety Representatives will access some or all of the new tools.

  2. Accident Book

    The Health And Safety Accident Book enables the online recording of any accidents that occur; providing an improved and detailed record of each accident.

    Using this feature will improve completion rates and accuracy using existing stored data. The List view creates a historical record of all accidents and allows for more detailed analysis.

  3. Welfare Tags

    This feature will provide your managers with greater visibility of potentially vulnerable workers; helping keep their unique situation in mind when making key management decisions.

    Welfare Tags highlight your team members who may need a little more attention such as lone workers or pregnant colleagues. These are then displayed to managers at key points, to support informed decision making.

  4. Document Library

    Using the document library you can upload, distribute and track Health & Safety related documents.

    You can track Team documents or Individually focused documents to keep your staff informed about the accident.

  5. Custom Forms

    The Custom Forms feature allows companies to capture staff information thus making updates easy and reliable.

    With the new form builder you get the ability to create your own online forms and issue across your team. These forms can be single or multiple submission, with each form having its own individual report.

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