Document export

When a company ceases to use myhrtoolkit, for whatever reason, often an archive of their data is requested for continuity purposes. For further details of export options available, see the Import Export support guide. This page will focus on document export.

Process overview

Documents can be stored in many places throughout myhrtoolkit - the different sub-sections of the Document library, in Appraisals, Absence, Health and Safety forms, Training, File Notes, etc., however the document export draws on files stored in the most commonly used/requested document areas, those being:

  • Contract of Employment
  • Correspondence
  • CV
  • Job description
  • Appraisal
  • Miscellaneous document
  • Health and safety individual docs

At the time of the company giving notice of leaving a controller will be contacted to ascertain if the document archive is wanted. Only on the receipt of a positive response and verification will the process be initiated. Preparation of the export may take up to a working week.

The Export

There are two components to the document export: an index, supplied as a CSV file, and the documents themselves.

The files will be supplied as a secure link to dedicated area in the myhrtoolkit One Drive system. The One Drive link will only be useable by the nominated customer representative and will have an expiry of 30 days.

While the link is secure, the documents will be presented in their unencrypted form to allow for easy opening and downloading.

Requests during the archive period

We will accept requests for exports during the 30 day archive period i.e. after the contract has finished. When this happens, we will extend the archive period for a further 30 days.


The following appendices outline what the controller of the outgoing company can expect to see, and notes on the data protection policy surrounding this export.

Document Export Specification

There are two parts to the export - index and documents.

1. Index - in CSV format

  • Employee first name
  • Employee surname
  • Employee date of birth
  • Employee start date
  • Employee leaving date (if available)
  • Document type
  • Document title
  • Document filename
  • Document date

The CSV file contains details of all documents from the following categories:

  • Contract of Employment
  • Correspondence
  • CV
  • Job description
  • Appraisal
  • Miscellaneous document
  • Health and safety individual docs

This file (exported_files.csv) is located in the root of the folder.

2. Documents - the actual files

To open a specific file:

  1. Locate the record in the CSV file
  2. Navigate to the folder with the same name as the ‘Category’ column
  3. Search for the filename as given in the ‘Document filename’ column
Customer Data Policy

Myhrtoolkit has a comprehensive set of policies covering data security, access, use of data, etc., including an overall Data Policy.

See the Data Policy page.