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Getting started with Appraisals – controllers FAQ


myhrtoolkit provides functionality to manage appraisals within your company. Appraisal profiles are created by controllers, then tasks assigned, carried out and closed by a manager. There are opportunities for both managers and employees to add documents and notes to each individual appraisal.


How Do I..

  1. Create an appraisal profile?
  2. Assign appraisal tasks?
  3. Undo the status of a completed appraisal?
  4. Delete appraisal tasks?
  5. Access the reporting functionality?
  6. Oversee manager’s appraisal permissions
    1. How do I create an appraisal profile?
      The myhrtoolkit appraisal system is underpinned by a system of appraisal profiles. These dictate how often a particular type of appraisal should be carried out, and what company-defined procedures (in the form of pro forma documents) should be followed (if any). You can create as many appraisal profiles as your company needs, e.g for quarterly appraisals, annual, ad hoc one-on-ones, etc.
      From the management dashboard, select the ‘appraisals’ icon.Following the ‘Create a new profile’ link will allow you to add a new appraisal profile.

      The page is straightforward to fill in; submit when ready.

      If you choose to use a default deadline, this deadline will be automatically set as the default any time this profile is applied to an employee – you can change it on an individual basis later as required. You can also set a default manager which works in a similar fashion.

      Note – the tab on the far right contains a video which has a walk through demonstration of the appraisals system.


    1. How do I assign appraisal tasks?
      Before an employee’s appraisals can be tracked, an appraisal task needs to be assigned to the employee, which will also be linked to their manager by default (if no default manager was set in the appraisal profile). Each appraisal task uses an appraisal profile as a template for how often the task should repeat, which pro forma documents to use, etc.To assign appraisal tasks navigate via the management dashboard > appraisals icon to the ‘appraisal tasks‘ tab.Find the employee you need. Any appraisal tasks they have assigned will be shown with an option to add more (the ‘Add another appraisal‘ link).

      Note – An employee without any tasks assigned will have a box in situ where a new appraisal task can be created, Filling in the details and submitting will assign the new appraisal task. However this should be a rare occurrence as at least one appraisal task is a normally assigned during import of using the New Employee Wizard.

      To assign more appraisal tasks, use the ‘Add another appraisal‘ link, which will open a new page fill in the options as required.

      Appraisals can be customised as needed, with different managers, profiles, reminders, etc.


    1. How do I undo the status of a completed appraisal?
      If a manager has marked an appraisal as completed in error, this can be reversed by navigating to the ‘appraisal tasks‘ tab in the management dashboard > appraisals.Find the employee and appraisal in question, and follow the ‘Undo‘ link against the date.After confirming the action the appraisal will move out of the ‘completed appraisals‘ area of both the employee and manager. No notifications are sent out with this action.


    1. How do I delete appraisal tasks?
      To delete an appraisal task, navigate to the ‘appraisal tasks‘ tab in the management dashboard > appraisals, and find the employee and appraisal task. Follow the ‘Delete‘ link on the right, and confirm the action.

      Whilst Appraisal tasks can be deleted from an employee, this should be done with caution – all data associated with that task (i.e. history, previous appraisals, documents, notes) will be permanently deleted from your myhrtoolkit installation.


    1. How do I access the reporting functionality?
      The appraisal deadlines report can be accessed either from Management > appraisals > appraisal deadlines report, or from Management > reports > appraisal deadlines.This filterable report has an option to export to Excel as required.


    1. How do I oversee manager’s appraisal permissions
      You have control to grant individual managers permissions to view appraisal history, to create appraisal profiles and to create appraisal tasks. These can be assigned in accordance with your company policy. To assign the permissions, navigate to setup & admin > managers’ rights . A manager will always have the ‘my appraisals – as appraiser‘ tab in their appraisal management area; to enable or disable the further tabs, tick or clear the columns marked ‘Appraisal Tasks’, ‘Appraisal History’ and ‘Appraisal profiles.’
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