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Getting started with Sickness Absence – users

Managing Your Absence

myhrtoolkit provides easy administration and comprehensive tracking of absence. Depending on company policy set up in myhrtoolkit, recording absence may be available for employees.


  1. Recording Absence yourself

    To declare absence, navigate to ‘myhome’ and select the ‘absence’ icon.

    On returning to work after a period of absence, the ‘report sickness absence‘ tab will start the process of recording your time away.

    Record the working time missed, and submit. You will then be guided through a questionnaire about the absence.

    Note – The number of days absent is not calculated automatically, and will need user input.

  2. Absence declaration initiated by a manager

    If a manager has registered you as absent, and your company set-up allows you to update the system on your return, your message board will show your current status and give links allowing you to update.

    Following the ‘enter the final date of sickness here‘ link will load the page to input the date of your final day of sickness.

    Note – use the final day of sickness, not the date of your return, and record the working time missed.

    After submitting you will then be guided through a questionnaire about the absence.

  3. Absence questionnaire

    After giving your absence dates, myhrtoolkit asks a series of questions about the absence.

    At the end of the questionnaire you will be asked to submit all the details. A notification of this absence will appear on your manager’s message board.

  4. Sickness absence history

    myhrtoolkit provides the ability for you to review your previous sickness absence on the ‘sickness absence history‘ tab.

    Following any of the ‘notes & docs‘ links will show further details of that sickness record.

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