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Getting started with Training – controllers FAQ


myhrtoolkit provides functionality to manage training within your company. Employees are able to request training, which managers accept or decline; managers can input previously arranged training, and set up reminders relating to the training or expiring certificates, etc.
Employees are also able to enter their own training records which do not need any further approval.


How Do I..

  1. Set the training year?
  2. Allocate to whom training requests are sent?
  1. How do I set the training year?
    myhrtoolkit can be configured to run the training year from and to which ever dates your company prefers to use. All reports will be configured to use the start and finish dates you provide. By default, the dates are set to use the calendar year.To change the default, navigate to ‘setup & admin‘ > Set training year.
  2. How do I allocate to whom training requests are sent?
    When employees request training, the default configuration is to send them to the employee’s manager. However, this can be changed by navigating to ‘setup & admin‘ > Training requests.
    If your company has dedicated staff for dealing with training, they can be selected from a picking list after clicking the button shown.When you have made your selection, they will be shown on this page.When you have selected the option which fits best with your company setup, submit the page.
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