Give a manager access to pay data – controllers

Give a manager access to pay data

Within myhrtoolkit, you can manage access to pay data for users and managers. Access can be toggled on and off for users whilst managers can have full, partial or no access.

  1. Users

    Go to setup & admin > Employee’s access to basic pay information (circa line 33).

    This allows you to specify whether employees are able to view the basic pay information in their ‘myhome’ page. Choose ‘No’ and press submit.

  2. Managers

    Go to setup & admin > managers rights (circa line 17).

    This page provides options to add and remove manager’s rights governing what they can and can’t see. The options for pay data are on the right hand side. Options are:

    • Full access – can view and edit
    • View only access
    • No access

    Choosing the ‘No access’ option and pressing submit will remove all pay references from the managers screens within:

    • pay and benefits
    • reports
    • employee files