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Controlling a manager’s permissions

How to create a manager with minimal permissions, but who is able to see everyone in the holiday chart.
This guide is intended for controllers, and assumes a familiarity with myhrtoolkit.

Navigate to the following functions –

  1. Setup & admin > managers.Use this to make the individual a manager.
  2. Setup & admin > managers rights.Un-tick all options EXCEPT ‘holiday info’. This needs to be selected. Set the pay option (at far right hand side) to no access.
  3. Setup & admin > Managers’ rights – Document library.Make sure that all options are un-ticked.
  4. Setup & admin > Access to holiday chart.Ensure that the ‘Everyone’ option is ticked for your new manager.

Your new manager should now have the ‘Management‘ tab at the top right hand side. They will have access to a number of functions but with very limited functionality.

The attendance chart can be accessed from management > holidays. You will be able to toggle in training related absences, but if you want to have the ability to toggle sickness, you will need to tick the ‘Absence info’ field at Setup & admin > managers rights.

We suggest setting it up with a dummy user to better understand how these settings work and what the manager can and can’t see.

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