Leavers – What happens: a guide for Controllers

People leaving an organisation is a natural part of day to day business life. myhrtoolkit takes care of the administration of leavers gracefully. This short guide highlights what happens in the system when a user is marked as a leaver.


Note – This guide is aimed at Controllers and is concerned with what happens in myhrtoolkit regarding leavers. A guide explaining the ‘how to’ of administrating a leaver can be found here.


When a user is marked as a leaver:

  • all holiday booked after their leaving date is cancelled, holiday can no longer be booked for after the leaving date. Note – If their leaving date falls in the middle of a block of booked holiday, the whole holiday is cancelled.
  • they will immediately show in the management leavers archive.
  • the user’s preferences are locked down, so you can no longer make changes to their holiday entitlement, nor change whether Bank Holidays are included in their holiday entitlement. If a change needs to be made, reinstate the user, make the change, then mark them as a leaver again.
  • if the leaving date is in the future, they will still be active in the system up to and including their leaving date.
  • if it is determined that the employee has taken leave in advance of their hours, this will be shown in red.

myhrtoolkit has functionality which allows Bank Holidays to be prorated into the leaver’s final entitlement. The system setting to enable this can be found via setup & admin > Leavers final entitlement holiday calculation.