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Release Log – Changes and Updates

This is an overview of the recent changes made to myhrtoolkit. An archive of previous changes can be found here.

January 2016

  • Leavers Report
    • The on-screen and exported versions of the report were aligned, along with additional fields were added to both:
      • start date
      • NI number (was in export, added to screen version)
      • DOB
      • Reason for leaving (was on screen, added to the export version) – Although we provide a radio button for this section with preset options, there is also a free text ‘other’ box:
        • When displaying this in the display version, please truncate to 200 characters
        • When displaying in the export version, please display all the message.
      • Tenure (added to the export in digital format e.g. 4.7 years)
  • New DBS Report
    • A new report accessible via management > reports > employee info shows DBS number and expiry date. It is administered from employee files > see all details.

November 2015

  • Holidays
    • modified the message shown when a stage 1 holiday manager adds a holiday on behalf of an employee
    • presentation of holiday requests altered to be more consistent with other mht pages
    • changes to the presentation of Holiday Managers when one of the managers of a group if marked as a leaver.
    • Data format changes to Employee Holiday Dates csv, making user manipulation simpler
  • Document Library
    • Document Library email changed for when a document is added but no comment entered
    • alterations to the presentation of ‘pending documents’
    • Update to Document Library, providing visibility on when documents are deleted
  • Leavers
    • Changes to the wording of the Leavers function
  • Pay and Benefits
    • Use of P38 form have been withdrawn following legislation. Historical records still show where appropriate.
    • Added the ability to report on benefits

October 2015

  • Holidays
    • Holiday Request History – now only shows the employee name, dept, location and photo in the first row of each employee’s holiday requests
    • Change to message shown when a manager manually adds a holiday – better reflecting what has happened

September 2015

  • Doc Messager
    • fixed bug with Employee Files > Quick Links > Send a document – one can now send documents to individuals from Employee Files
    • fixed bug with archiving of documents – normal service resumed!
  • Reports
    • Average age added to management > reports > emplyee data > age and length of service
  • Other
    • Extended the input of Job Titles to allow multiple titles at once. This affects initial setup and Career History.

August 2015

  • Leavers
    • Changes made to the layout of how the leavers entitlement summary to make it more intuitive.
  • Absence
    • Add absence type to myhome > absence > general absence history.
  • Other
    • Added 2 week probationary notice option.

July 2015

  • Management > Comms > messager
    • Controllers can now see all Comms messages from all users.
      They could already see all Doc messages
  • Reports
    • Sickness absence report: number of days absent added
    • FTE Report: Total number of part time users added
    • Leavers Report: Extra fields added to improve usage

June 2015

  • Changes and Additions
    • fixed issue in remaining holiday entitlement report when holiday year doesn’t start on first day of month
    • further changes to the automated process which checks for leavers

May 2015

  • Changes and Additions
    • enhanced the automated leavers task to overcome issue with some users not being marked as having left
    • modifications made to general absences that last for a day or less. Granularity of time input changed to have managers enter 2 digits for the minutes value of gen absence entered – start and end time

April 2015

  • Holidays
    • added facility for managers to edit holiday entitlements
    • added facility for managers to specify whether to apply part time % to entitlements when they add an hours status that is less than 100%
  • Documents
    • added ‘Pending docs’ tab and functionality to ‘management > docs‘, with facility to post reminders to employees to read documents
    • applied ‘Pending’ docs functionality to ‘Employee Files’ area
    • amendments made to the ‘Pending docs’ tab in Employee file to show the number of pending docs
  • Misc
    • changes made to ‘management > sickness absence‘ so that when a user clicks on ‘no‘ for CSP or SSP the choice is automatically submitted
    • display login details (to controllers) of new user at the end of the New Employee Wizard

March 2015

  • Absence
    • General absence values (days or hours) were previously displayed in text format. These have been converted to numerical values to allow better manipulation and reporting.
    • Made modifications to general absences so that absence values for days and hours are now shown in dedicated columns
    • Modified the labelling of changes to emergency contact details to improve clarity in the notification email and archive of changes that is created when changes are made to personal details
    • Made changes to ‘Sickness Absence Dates so that both the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ options are displayed by default for CSP and SSP
    • Modified attendance chart so that a sickness absence is marked on every day after it began for those employees who haven’t returned to work. This is only for the attendance chart and not reporting
  • Employee Details
    • Improved the display and filtering of changes to employee details: see employee files > employee details > archive of changes.

February 2015

  • Changes and Additions
    • Holidays and Absence
      • made changes to ‘outstanding holiday requests‘ page
      • allow 0 (zero) to be entered as a value for amount of time off
      • modified info shown about whether bank hols are included in the holiday entitlement report
      • modified data entry form for general absences that are less than a day in length. Now showing dropdown menus for start and end times of absence and text field to enter number of hours
    • Document Library
      • added ‘General docs‘ to employee file > document library
    • Login and Security
      • checked that the 3 methods that send emails with links to login work with enhanced security switched on and off
    • Configuration
      • added ‘help’ link to ‘setup & admin > types of general absence
      • modified layout of ‘setup & admin > managers‘ page
      • added page in setup & admin that will allow controllers to specify ‘General absence settings
  • Bug fixes
    • fixed bug in holiday calculation popup
    • checked that each page is still navigable after deletion of unused files

January 2015

  • Look and Feel
    • We have changed the look of a number of tables to include the employee name, dept., location and job title information into the first box. This is an ongoing project to modernise our tables and permit future developments.
  • Absence
    • An absence manager can now add notes and upload a document within the Employee file > Manually add sickness absence page
  • Job descriptions
    • The job description areas of the myfile / Employee files and document library have now been linked. Both will display the job overview and any uploaded job descriptions.
  • Career History
    • We have rolled out the next upgrade to the new career history; amending the screen and adding a notes facility – see management > career history page
  • Free Data Migrationfree data migration
  • Unlimited Free Supportunlimited free support
  • 3 month MOT3 month MOT


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