Myhrtoolkit Customer Data Access Policy

Occasionally, it may be necessary for myhrtoolkit to view customer’s data and / or system setting in order to resolve an issue. Because this data may contain sensitive information, it is treated in a special way. Unless otherwise directed by a specific non-disclosure agreement, customer data is treated in the manner described below.

What is customer data?

Customer data is any information input to and settings made within a customer’s myhrtoolkit account. This may be provided to myhrtoolkit by the customer in electronic or paper form, or viewed by myhrtoolkit staff directly via the database.

When will myhrtoolkit access Customer data?

Myhrtoolkit will only access customer data, with the express written permission of a customer appointed Controller or Primary Contact. This is obtained via the customer responding to a specific email.

Who can grant permission?

Only a customer’s Primary contact or Controllers can give permission. This permission can be withdrawn at any time by emailing an instruction to [email protected]

How does myhrtoolkit use customer data?

Customer data is used only to resolve specific system issues, usually submitted by the customer.

How is customer data classified, handled and stored?

All customer data is treated as confidential when it is received or viewed. Access to this information is restricted to a limited number of personnel on a “need to know” basis, and who are subject to an internal confidentiality agreement.

When is customer data destroyed?

All Customer data is held only until completion of the specified purpose or upon customer request, whichever is the sooner. After this time, it will be securely deleted from our servers and any paper records shredded.

What records do we keep?

We record all access permission requests, the specific reason and a date of deletion.


Note – this statement can be read alongside our Security Statement for a broad picture of Myhrtoolkit’s attitude and responsibility with your data.