The HR Cloud

HR used to be a barrage of paperwork and spreadsheets, now there is added security and easy access via the cloud.
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Myhrtoolkit on Tour – CIPD Conference and Exhibition 2013

We recently made our debut at a UK trade fair, appearing at last…
Benefits of holiday planner software

BYOD: The Plusses and Pitfalls

BYOD is not an acronym to let barbecue guests know what to bring…
sick leave management

Absence and The Bradford Index

Absenteeism may currently be at a low in Britain, but it is still…
Online HR Software

Online HR Software: Popular SaaS

The increased usage of SaaS in business is becoming increasingly…

SaaS Set to Take Off

An increasing number of businesses are turning to SaaS (Software…

Addition To The Team!

Myhrtoolkit are pleased to welcome the newest member of the Sheffield…

Can Your HR Systems Add Value?

Every organisation has to keep track of numerous HR processes,…