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Baldwins Travel gets HR to all destinations with myhrtoolkit



Laura Clark
HR Manager, Baldwins Travel

“Myhrtoolkit is easy to use and most importantly it’s easy for the team to use too. You get what you need without any of the frills.”

Baldwins Travel is the largest travel agency in the South East with over 70 travel professionals working across multiple locations. They’ve won many awards for their great work in the industry, including winning ‘Travel Agent of the Year – London and the South East’ for 12 years in a row. You can visit the Baldwins Travel website to find out more.

We've interviewed the company's HR manager, Laura Clark, who's been a big fan of myhrtoolkit for years, particularly after having to deal with less user-friendly systems in previous roles.

How did you handle HR admin before myhrtoolkit?


“We managed the administration by keeping track of emails and using paper personnel files. We had a paper and pen holiday request process for instance, which was not ideal.”


How has myhrtoolkit helped you manage your staff and HR activities?


“It helps having everything in one place, particularly when it comes to booking holidays. The team are also great at using the training platform. Everyone’s pretty religious about booking in their training sessions and progress. The travel industry is always changing so it’s important for them to keep on top of personal development. We’ve also started using the system to track our appraisals.”


“It’s really just made life a bit easier; we have eight branches so having the software in place helps make sure everyone is doing the same thing and we don’t have varied systems in place. Plus, it’s great for make sure all our personal information is safe.”


Which feature on myhrtoolkit have you found the most useful?


“A great feature for us it being able to see everyone’s holiday on the staff calendar. The calendar helps us organise events like Christmas parties, because we can see everyone’s availability easily. This has been particularly useful for us with staff across locations.”

Holiday booking is so important to the team, as everyone’s so passionate about travel.

How have you found the levels of support myhrtoolkit offers?


“I’ve always had a speedy response from the support team. I don’t tend to use them often because the system is intuitive to use. But if I ever have had a question, they’ve been amazingly quick and very helpful. Even when it turns out to be an obvious question and you’ve just overlooked something, the team always take the time to answer.”


Would you recommend myhrtoolkit?


“Yes, I would recommend myhrtoolkit, particularly for a small to medium-sized organisation. It’s easy to use and most importantly it’s easy for the team to use too. You get what you need without any of the frills. I’ve worked in larger organisations and used to get frustrated with some of the more complicated systems they had in place; it would take a while to get anything done. With myhrtoolkit, it’s much simpler and quicker. It does what it says on the tin!”


So, what are some of the most amazing holidays your staff have been on?


“Of course, holidays are very important to our staff! Everyone gets a week of paid leave sponsored by one of our tour operators, so people have been on some incredible luxury holidays. This has included experiences like flying first class to New Zealand or the Maldives, taking helicopter transfers – it’s like seeing how the other half live! Our branch manager recently went on an all expenses paid trip to Botswana to stay in a hotel suite and get up close and personal with lions on safari.”


Holiday booking is so important to the team, as everyone’s so passionate about travel. Getting that holiday booked in advance and clearly visible on the calendar is extra special for them.”


Top HR software benefits for Baldwins Travel:

  • HR and data management processes remain consistent across multiple business locations.
  • The staff holiday planner helps managers oversee annual leave and organise events for all employees.
  • The training management feature helps staff stay up to date with industry skills and knowledge.
  • Myhrtoolkit is much easier and quicker to use than some of the more complex HR software systems on the market.

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Make HR admin easy with:
Staff holiday tracking
  • Employee self service holiday requests
  • See your holidays in Microsoft Outlook/Google Calendar
  • Automatic pro-rata holiday entitlement calculations
  • Email alerts of bookings or requests
Absence management
  • Track all attendance information
  • Bradford factor/index and pattern absence indication
  • Online self certification for employees
  • Full absence reporting
  • Email notifications for managers
HR Documents
  • Full Accountability – who reads what
  • Documents stored securely and easily
  • Get reminders of expiry of employee documents such as insurance
  • Communicate workplace policies and procedures quickly

Centralise HR data management

Track staff training progress

Get holiday bookings sorted