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Business compliance: Having great policies and procedures for your SME

Are your HR policies and procedures up to scratch when it comes to maintaining compliance? How can great policies and procedures help you remain compliant and reflect your employer brand?

In this free webinar recording for SMEs, the Founder and Managing Director of Q&A Law, Iain Lock, will guide you through:

  • The operational and legal reasons why businesses need policies
  • Making policies and procedures bespoke for your business
  • How to implement policies and any changes - then how to rely on them
  • Examples of how good policies work and bad policies don’t

Following Iain's presentation there will also be a short Q&A section.

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Speaker Profile

Iain Lock
Iain Lock Founder and Managing Director, Q&A Law

Iain Lock is the founder and managing director of Q&A Law and is a qualified solicitor. Iain has been an employment lawyer for over 25 years, having initially started out training with a City law firm and specialising in employment law from very early on. He advises SMEs throughout the country in all sectors. Due to Iain’s wealth of experience, he now has a greater involvement with clients and sits on three management boards of directors, helping those companies manage their HR functions.

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