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Culture, the platform for business growth

What makes a company a great place to work and why is this so important for business success and growth? It's all about culture, of course!

Having a good company culture is at the heart of business productivity. When everyone is working towards the company's vision with shared organisational values, great things happen.

There are many ways in which SMEs can develop their culture to retain employees, attract top talent, and ultimately grow the business. In this webinar, Agilio Software's Chief Human Resources Officer, Karen Penfold, covers key elements of culture and growth, including:

  • Strong and visible leadership
  • Promoting success
  • Flexibility and benefits
  • Engagement, performance and wellbeing
  • Mission, vision and values

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Speaker Profile

Karen Penfold
Karen Penfold Chief Human Resources Officer, Agilio

Karen is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Agilio Software and has a wealth of experience in HR and operations. Karen helped develop the market leading dental compliance software solution iComply. Using her human resource skills, Karen is the founder of the iTeam HR service and continues to be integral to its ongoing development.

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