Webinar: Harnessing HR data to boost business performance

How can you use your HR data to boost business performance? What data should you care about and prioritise? How can you use your data to help you gain perspective and make the right choices? If these are questions you have, you've come to the right webinar.

We are joined by guest speaker, HR data expert Alastair Swindlehurst, owner of Swindlehurst Consulting. Alastair will guide you through how to use your HR data as an insightful barometer for your business processes and decisions. The webinar will focus on:

• Data, causation, correlation and how it aids business decisions
• What your data dashboard looks like and what it can actually tell you
• HR data in relation to recruitment, turnover, productivity, and real costs
• How to shift the view on metrics to dive deeper in to what it actually means for your business

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