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4 of this month’s best HR blogs

HR blogs for top advice

It’s time for a round up of this month’s best articles from the HR blogosphere.

You’ll find a taster of the blog posts below: just click on the links to read more on these human resource ruminations.

Playing second fiddle to sumptuous despair

By Neil Usher, workessence

Our curious leader, he’s never there
He’s playing second fiddle to sumptuous despair
Our curious leader is covered in deep sin
And when I grow up you know I want to be like him…..


Of all the easy targets for bloggers, tweeters and whatever you call the lost souls who use LinkedIn, management lies as prone as a …Read more

(Not) Working 9-5

by Gemma Reucroft

Or not Monday to Friday, anyway.

Legislation is a funny old thing. Sometimes capable of driving societal or behavioural change. Sometimes leading to unintended consequences. Often, taking us part of the way towards the change that we wish to see (Equal Pay Act anyone?).

When it comes to flexible working, legislation created boxes. Firstly, a box for….Read more

Do You Know Why You Were Hired?

by Sharlyn Lauby

It seems like such a simple question. Do you know why the organization hired you?

One of my former bosses took me out to lunch one day to tell me why she hired me. She said, “Because you didn’t come from the industry.” She wanted an outsider who would ask questions and challenge the status quo. She felt that was what the company needed.

If organizations want employees to be engaged and successful in their roles, they have to…Read more

Where do we go from here?

by Robey Jenkins, HR Manager for Age UK Gloucestershire

I was a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I sat through every episode and although it went a little off the rails in season 8 (or possibly 9, I lost count), there aren’t many shows that managed to so consistently surprise and delight with new ideas, year after year. Plus, y’know, Alison Hannigan.

However, a stand-out episode was called “One More Time, With Feeling”, in which a magical curse… Read more

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We hope you enjoyed reading the above HR blogs as much as we did!

That said, if there’s a people issue that you’re facing at the moment and none of the above topics quite hit the mark, don’t forget to click here to check out our own HR blog.

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