Self service HR software

Myhrtoolkit is cloud-based HR self service software, so you and your employees can access it from anywhere - ideal if you have a lot of remote workers or multiple locations.

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Self service HR software

HR self service enables all staff to conduct HR admin tasks, learn about company policies and access documentation without taking up the time of your managers and HR consultant.

With self service HR software, employees will have access to their own personal data and records, so they can keep it up to date, resolve any queries and carry out simple tasks such as request holidays, change their address and complete appraisal forms.

Self service HR software - best HR system

Self service HR software

  1. Restrict & enable access as required

    Specify exactly what information your managers have access to, whether that’s just their team’s data or the full company.

  2. Different access for different roles

    You can create team leader or supervisor roles that just manage holidays and input data, while managers can control disciplinary and appraisals.

  3. HR professional or controller roles

    Controller accounts can see all information about all employees, and have access to the setup area where the toolkit can be finely tuned to reflect your organisation.

Benefits and features

  • If required for security, access can be restricted to one location or network
  • Employees will only have access to their own information to protect confidentiality
  • Employees can update their own information to save you time
  • Self-service set up allows you to tailor the entire system to suit your requirements

"Myhrtoolkit has really helped us organise our HR administration which has freed up time. It’s great that the employees can get the HR information they need, and that we have one secure place to store everything. The software is really easy to use as it’s not overloaded with functionality. Setup was easy and we really do find that the system more or less runs itself."

- Liz Stanley, Blundells
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Flexible and powerful manager access rights

HR professional / controller account

Employees will only have access to their own information

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