Employee holiday management software

With our employee holiday management software, easier employee holiday requests and pro-rata annual leave tracking are just a few clicks away!

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Holiday management software

Our holiday management software module helps you break free from annual leave admin to spend more time on your business and staff management priorities.

Online annual leave software makes approving or rejecting holiday requests quick and seamless. No more spreadsheets, leftover leave, or complex calculations; HR Software automates holiday calculations for you, making it the ideal annual leave management tool for your organisation.

Self-service features make the admin process much smoother. Each employee can access their own holiday information and that of their team, so they can plan and request leave sensibly.

Holiday management software myhrtoolkit

Holiday management software

  1. Employees request annual leave

    Employees can view the staff holiday planner to see when they can book leave and if colleagues are taking time off. They can then simply select their desired leave dates and submit their request.

  2. Manager reviews holiday requests

    Managers receive a notification to review the request and can view all holiday, sickness and training calendars together for a clear overview of staffing.

  3. Notify and update employees

    Employees are notified of their manager's holiday approval or rejection with the option for adding reasons. Approved holidays are added to the calendar and any remaining leave is calculated.

  4. Book holiday on the go with our mobile app!

    The holiday management module and employee database are also accessible from mobile devices. This means our annual leave software is ideal for remote workers or anyone wanting to book a holiday on the go.

Benefits and features

  • Automatic holiday entitlement calculations for new starters, leavers, full-time and part-time staff
  • Record and track all TOIL in your organisation easily and effectively
  • Mark certain periods as ‘no leave’ on your staff leave planner
  • Self-authorisation of annual leave for upper level employees
  • Various holiday reports to enable better management decisions
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar

"We used to manually fill in holiday request forms, these then went to managers for signing and then were passed to me for recording on spreadsheets and updating individual employee records. Now everything is done online in just a few clicks."

- Karen Titterton, GB Eye
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