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The ideal solution for managing staff Health and Safety; use online health and safety management software to capture critical information and maintain employee wellbeing.

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Our powerful health and safety management software includes an easy to use electronic accident book, document distribution, welfare tags and the ability to build your own health and safety forms. It all adds up to a powerful set of employee safety software features, allowing you to record, track and update all your health and safety related activities.


Health and Safety Management Software Features

  1. Health and safety representative

    An assignable role, giving your Health and Safety managers a high level view and enhanced messaging options.

  2. Online accident book

    The online Accident Book allows for the recording of accidents that occur within your organisation. Predictive inputs, photo uploads and RIDDOR prompts help you seamlessly replace the traditional paper-based health and safety system

  3. Welfare tags

    Welfare Tags are used to highlight employees who may need a bit more attention, such as returning mothers or young workers.

  4. Health and safety custom forms

    This allows for the creation of new forms for employees to supply additional information as required. Online health and safety forms also have the option to allow multiple submissions as needed.

  5. Central storage for documents and forms

    Store your Health and Safety policies and documents in one place. Easily review to see who has read them, ensuring compliance and responsibility.

Benefits and features

  • Record and document accidents on your premises with a full employee safety software system
  • Improve visibility of employees who may need special care across the organisation
  • Build health and safety forms to distribute to staff with an easy form management system
  • Store and update health and safety documents online on a cloud based health and safety system
  • Improve employee wellbeing and security with online accident management features
  • Upload Images and documents into the accident book

“I chose myhrtoolkit because it was cloud-based, so rather than having one person be a single point of contact in charge of all that HR information, it allowed multiple users and multiple managers as being able to have access.”

- Louisa Harrison-Walker, Benchmark Recruit
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