MyHRToolkit Software in use

Training Records Management Software

  1. Create a company training directory

    Customers can build a list of standard training courses specifying them with a wealth of settings including preferred providers, costs and duration etc. They can also create training events, allocating employees in one go!

  2. Attendee involvement

    Employees can request training from the company controlled list of courses. They can then curate their own training and provide feedback to the business to ensure that the training experienced is what employees expected; helping to develop new and improved courses.

  3. Built in Reminders

    Managers can set reminders for further training, keeping their team on track; ensuring managers are informed and employees stay informed; helping to keep skills updated in line with industry standards.

  4. Enhanced reporting

    Bring training details to life with access to an intuitive reporting suite which offers unparalleled insights of the skills, qualifications and experience within team and the organisation.

  5. Capture the detail

    Controllers and employees can add certificates, CPD points and other supporting documents to every record to keep an eye on progression and skills.