Training management software

Our comprehensive training module includes classic features you would expect and some innovative ready-for-action additions to make your training management system more versatile and effective.

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HR training tracking software

Your ultimate staff training database

An easy to use training management system through which managers can add courses, report on the progress of attendees and collect feedback from the employees who have attended the course. Our HR software also enables managers to bring training data to life using the comprehensive reports suite through which they can access an array of reports.

“Everyone’s pretty religious about booking in their training sessions and progress. The travel industry is always changing so it’s important for them to keep on top of personal development.”
– Laura Clark - HR Manager, Baldwins Travel
Training management software

Training management system features

  1. Create a staff training database

    Build a list of standard training courses specifying them with a wealth of settings including preferred providers, costs and duration etc. Create training events for your centralised training management software and assign employees in one go!

  2. Attendee involvement

    Employees can request training from the company-controlled list of courses. They can then curate their own training and provide feedback to the business to ensure that the training experienced is what employees expected; helping to develop new and improved courses on your training management database.

  3. Built-in reminders

    Managers can set reminders for further training, keeping their team on track; ensuring managers are informed and employees stay informed; helping to keep skills updated in line with industry standards.

  4. Enhanced reporting

    Bring training details to life with access to an intuitive reporting suite which offers unparalleled insights of the skills, qualifications and experience within team and the organisation.

  5. Capture the detail

    Controllers and employees can add certificates, CPD points and other supporting documents to every record on the system to keep an eye on progression and skills.

Benefits and features


Benefit from easy access to details of training qualifications, previous work experience, skills and more


A centralised and accessible training management system for everyone


Alerts for timely re-certification


Engage employees and managers in updating training records and information


Maintain comprehensive view of training costs against budgets


Help your employees upskill and improve the quality of their work

"Having worked with myhrtoolkit in a previous role, this was a natural decision to purchase it for Majestic. We now have all 350 of our team members set up, all managers utilise the system and find it easy to use. All of our documents are stored on myhrtoolkit, removing the worry of the recent changes to data protection law, which is also saving cost as we no longer need to send documents by post from our locations nationwide. Overall I would have no hesitation in recommending this as a core HR database that is low-priced, easy to use and comes with a knowledgeable and friendly local support team."

- James Taylor, Head of HR, Majestic Bingo
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Organised training cohorts and courses

A central staff training database

An enhanced reporting suite

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