HR document management software

Issue, track and securely store all of your vital HR documents online with our straightforward HR document management software, allowing you to easily communicate all your policies and procedures.

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HR document management

Staff documents in one secure place

Our employee document management library enables you to store and share all your company documents from one central system, so you know everyone is always accessing the latest version of an important employee or HR document.

Using the document management feature of our powerful HR Software, you can issue documents to employees, either individually, in groups or to the entire organisation, and then track who has opened and read the information, ensuring full accountability and understanding.

“Myhrtoolkit is useful for storing documents too. We’re in the process of putting all our policies onto the system. As some of our casual staff aren’t on our internal server, having a cloud-based system they can access is a great asset.”
Catherine McKinney - Head of Finance and Administration, Soho Theatre
“We use myhrtoolkit for uploading our company documents, such as the staff handbook. The system is useful for making sure staff read important documents and we can see when they have.”
Steven Whelton - Chief Financial Officer, International Hydropower Association
“Myhrtoolkit is just so convenient – you know that it’s all there! We used to print about 6 or 7 handbooks that went around each department; now we’ve got a master one on myhrtoolkit. We can remind people to read it and save on printing costs.”
Sue Taylor - Director, Northend
HR document management software

HR document management software

  1. Securely store HR documents digitally

    Use our secure digital HR document library to store individual employee documents such as contracts, CVs, ID documents and work visas.

  2. Easily accessible company documents

    Keep all of your HR documents and policies in one place, including handbooks, job descriptions and disciplinary actions. Easily archive outdated documentation to keep your system up to date.

  3. Restrict and enable access as required

    Employees only have access to relevant company documents and their own personal information, protecting confidentiality at all times.

Benefits and features

Upload documents to various categories such as inductions, handbooks and procedures
Provide staff with access to all of your company documents from work or home
Always access the most recent digital version; no more outdated versions causing confusion!
Easily archive old documents and reissue updated versions to your document library
Get reminders when documents expire – make compliance easy with digital HR document management
All HR documents are securely stored and encrypted on our servers to maintain compliance and best practice

“We now have most of our HR documents, including contracts, on the system and we are using the holiday manager which has seamlessly taken over from the various old charts and systems we used to have.

We have developed a new Induction procedure using the myhrtoolkit manual and all staff now have easy access to our Employee Guide, recruitment and appraisal procedures, and many other useful guides.”

- Andrew Buckley, Network Church Sheffield
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Securely store individual employee documents

Easy and secure storage

Issue handbooks, policies and procedures to employees

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