Performance Management

Flexible performance management tools to help you monitor, engage and develop your employees whilst driving productivity

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Improving performance across your business

When employees perform at their best, the business performs at its best. An effective performance management process ensures every employee gets the feedback and objectives they need to progress and improve.

Our software provides you with the ideal platform for implementing and managing your performance management strategy, helping develop employee engagement and productivity across your business.

"Being able to document performance management information to refer back to is so important for a business. Myhrtoolkit's performance management tools are flexible as well as being simple and easy to use."

Helena White
HR Consultant, HR Dept South West Devon

Performance Management Key Features

  • Flexible meeting types and schedules

    Build a portfolio of meeting types that work for your business and employees, such as a monthly catch up, quarterly strategy meeting, or annual appraisal. Set schedules in advance with optional reminders so everyone is prepared and those important progress meetings aren't missed!

  • Add template documents for managers and employees

    Cut down on repetitive paperwork by uploading guidance notes and document templates that managers and employees can access in preparation for a meeting, helping to standardise your performance management process.

  • Build a history of employee performance over time

    Track performance over time with all the records you need easily accessed from one place. Document goals, objectives, and training needs to help employees develop and gain new skills. A record of performance reviews is also invaluable should there be the need to address poor performance.

  • Transform employee engagement in your business

    Show employees you are invested in their development and growth with a proactive approach to performance management. Build a record of feedback that employees can refer back to over time to engage with their own development.

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