Absence management software

No matter the reason for absence, you can record and monitor your staff attendance with our tailored absence management software.

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Absence management software

A complete absence management system

Our absence management software doesn’t just record absence, it also provides in-depth reports and staff attendance charts, so you can identify patterns and take steps to reduce absence levels.

With features to upload back-to-work documents and sick & fit notes, as well as automatic calculations for sick pay, our HR Software provides a comprehensive attendance management system to help you effectively plan staffing levels.

“I think it’s very useful having one online place where everything’s recorded, you can see any patterns. If there’s any patterns of Monday morning absences, it’s much easier for you to see it, it’s much easier for the employee to see it. Everybody’s accountable and it’s very transparent."

Louise Harrison-Walker - Director, Benchmark Recruitment

“We use a lot of the reporting tools on the system. The sickness absence report is very useful for monitoring absence and identifying any trends in sickness that we may not see otherwise. It makes managing absence problems a lot easier.”

Alex Mee - Deputy General Manager, Staying Cool
Absence management software

Absence management software

  1. Employees can be marked as absent as soon as you’re aware

    All contractual and statutory sick pay will be automatically calculated and notes for the type of absence can be recorded within the system.

  2. Record and store all required information

    Managers can track any type of absence, short or long term, from jury duty and duvet days, to maternity leave and lateness, ensuring sensitive absence information is kept confidential in one secure place.

  3. Trigger alerts and clear reports on absence levels

    Get weekly absence summaries, attendance charts, Trigger alerts and reports on individual sickness, as well as an organisation overview to help you better plan and control staffing levels. Read more about sickness absence Triggers.

Benefits and features


Automatic Bradford Factor calculations to flag patterns of sickness absence


Managers can record a return to work or employees can via the self-service feature


Back-to-work forms can be uploaded by employees to help you facilitate a return to work


Record and calculate all contractual and statutory sick pay dates for payroll


View all attendance data together including holidays, sickness and training


Managers can be allocated to absences issues via live sickness absence triggers

"The system is user friendly and has been welcomed by employees and managers alike. Our management of holidays is now efficient and easily monitored, ridding the business of the end of year traumas around holidays not taken and carryovers.

Overall we are delighted with the system, which is continually improving, allowing more functions to better manage absence, appraisals, training etc. The system is extremely comprehensive, straightforward and very reasonably priced. We highly recommend it."

- Jackie Carey, HR Director, TES Aviation Group
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Staff attendance chart

Absence reports and triggers

Sickness absence managment

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