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At myhrtoolkit, we understand that maintaining the privacy of your personal information and HR data is paramount, which is why we prioritise security at all levels.

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Secure HR software

Create secure passwords and restricted access

As an ISO 27001 certified product, myhrtoolkit takes security seriously. We have introduced rigorous security measures that ensure our system remains secure and inaccessible to anyone other than those with permission to access the saved data.

On a more individual level, we ensure your business and employees’ personal data is never in jeopardy by giving you the ability to control the level of security access of individual accounts. This means you can restrict and enable access as required.

Secure HR software - best HR system

One centralised and secure HR system

  • Monitor & manage your own security

    Our security centre allows you to access, monitor and manage the level of security of each individual account on your system.

  • Create your own secure passwords

    The system allows you to set specific rules for the security level of staff passwords, and you can reset staff passwords as and when required to maintain access and enhance security.

  • Restricting access

    You can chose to exclude certain IP addresses from accessing your system altogether and keep a close eye on your overall security score with our monitoring features.

  • Multi-factor authentication

    Add an extra layer of security to your account by enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA). Codes are randomly generated in real time and sent to your smartphone to achieve a more secure login.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) in myhrtoolkit

Benefits and features

  • If required access can be restricted to one location or network

  • Easily add & remove employees when you get a new starter or leaver

  • Employees will only have access to their own information to protect confidentiality

  • A full audit trail allows you to monitor and track any changes to your employee database

  • Restrict and enable individual access as required

  • All HR data is securely stored and backed up everyday on EU based servers

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