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Myhrtoolkit is committed to helping your business through this difficult time. Our coronavirus portal provides a central access point to resources we have relating to this period, including on demand webinars, informational articles, how-to guides, and support pages for myhrtoolkit customers.


Can businesses stop sick pay for unvaccinated employees?

Can businesses stop company sick pay for isolating unvaccinated employees? Join myhrtoolkit and guest speaker Charlotte Geesin, Legal Director at Howarths.

Long-term absence: how would you manage an employee with long COVID?

How can employers manage long-term absence safely and sensitively in a post-pandemic world? Freeths LLP Senior Associate, Toby Pochron outlines how to support employees.

How to communicate effectively with a hybrid team

There are lots of benefits to going hybrid, but there can be challenges too. Laura Capindale, a Senior HR Business Partner at Amica HR, will show you how to make sure you're communicating in the right ways and at the right times with hybrid employees.

How to manage flexible working requests

It's no secret that lots more staff are wanting flexible, remote, and hybrid working options post-pandemic. But how can you effectively manage flexible working requests in a way that works for the business? Watch this webinar with Kat Derbyshire, Director of the consultancy Black Kat HR, to learn how to handle requests and balance your workforce.

Mental Health Q&A: achieving resilience in the return to work

What can employers and managers do to help staff be healthy and resilient in the face of big changes and potential challenges? In this Q&A panel webinar, we’re inviting on mental health in the workplace experts to answer questions around managing stress and anxiety, starting conversations on mental health, and psychological safety.

How to manage absence in the new normal

How will it be best to manage absence post-COVID given our changing attitudes towards health and hygiene and the rise in remote and hybrid working? Guest speaker Kate Marchant from Running HR Ltd will share her top tips on how to manage absence in the new normal.

COVID-19 Q&A: preparing your workforce for the new normal

We invited HR and employment law experts Jodie Hill (Thrive Law), Tracey Hudson (HR Dept), and Toby Pochron (Freeths LLP) to answer important questions around COVID-19 in the workplace and how businesses can survive and thrive as the UK comes out of lockdown.

Digital presenteeism: how it's affecting your workforce

Digital presenteeism (the pressure employees feel to always be available) has been a longstanding concern for employers with our increasingly technology-focused culture. Join myhrtoolkit and guest speaker Stacey Mead, HR Director at HR Dept Bristol, to learn how to curb 'always on' culture.

Managing staff holidays in an ongoing pandemic

Has sorting out staff holidays during the pandemic got you in a tailspin? Worried there'll be an influx of annual leave booking once we're out of lockdown? Register for this webinar on all things holiday and COVID-19 with guest speaker Jacqui Mann, HR expert, company culture specialist, and founder of J Mann Associates.

How to handle employee grievances

Grievances are becoming more common in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic; employers and HR professionals need to be especially prepared for these scenarios and have the right policies and processes in place. Watch our webinar with Keebles LLP Head of Employment, Catherine Wilson, to learn more about how to handle grievances effectively.

Hybrid working: the new normal for SMEs?

Has the pandemic kickstarted the rise of the hybrid workplace, where more employees will split their time between the office and home? Or will staff be returning to the office fulltime once it's safe to do so? HR director, author, and flexible working expert Gemma Dale will join myhrtoolkit on this webinar all about the future of hybrid working.

COVID-19 vaccines: can you make them mandatory for employees?

Can businesses make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for employees or do employees have a legitimate right to refuse in particular circumstances? Join myhrtoolkit and guest speaker Claire Jenkins, HR Business Partner at Effective HRM, to explore the potential issues surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and work.

Strategies to engage and motivate remote working staff

As many employees continue to work remotely, it’s well worth investigating strategies to keep them engaged and motivated long-term. In this webinar for employers and HR professionals, Helena White from the HR Dept covers what you can do about low morale, tips for motivating your team remotely, and Looking after yourself and your employees.

Further furlough extensions: the implications for businesses

If you have questions about the furlough scheme extensions and managing your employees, make sure to check out our webinar with HR expert Sarah Birkenshaw of Quest Consulting. Sarah will be commenting on the general challenges businesses are going to face in further instances of lockdown and furlough in the UK.

How SMEs can take a proactive approach to staff mental health

How can SMEs proactively ensure positive staff mental health even in times of uncertainty and change? Our guest speaker, Chartered Occupational & Health Psychologist Mark Cheesman from Magdala Psychology, will outline key strategies that help SMEs become proactive with maintaining good mental health across the organisation.

The future of flexible working: is it looking bright?

Explore the flexible working landscape post-coronavirus with guest speaker, HR professional Gemma Dale, a university lecturer and HR consultant with significant experience in employee relations and employment law.

Furlough health check: protect your business from furlough fraud

HMRC are cracking down on errors and furlough fraud, so it's advisable to perform a health check to make sure your claims are correct. Solicitor Alicia Collinson guides you through the concept of furlough fraud and how to ensure your organisation is making claims correctly.

Reducing employee stress: a guide for SME managers

Given the rapid changes to workplaces caused by COVID-19, many people's stress responses have gone into overdrive from facing uncertainty and making big adjustments. Hear from stress and mental health expert Geraldine Joaquim, who specialises in stress management strategies.

Using social media to bounce back after lockdown

Social media expert Rik Courtney discusses the 5 fundamental must do’s of social media you can use to get ahead of the competition. Rik gives some key hints, tips and strategies around how to use social media to grow brand awareness, create opportunities and generate more business.

Remote working: avoid the employment law pitfalls

How can employers make sure they are staying on the right side of employment law while all or part of their workforce is remote? We are joined by Toby Pochron, Managing Associate at Freeths LLP, to discuss the potential employment law pitfalls associated with remote working.

Furlough scheme updates: How businesses can adapt

What is happening with the new flexible furlough scheme? How can your business adapt accordingly? In this webinar, we are joined by Jodie Hill, MD and Employment Solicitor at Thrive Law, who guides you through furlough scheme updates and discuss how they affect employers.

Tackling staff fears around returning to work

How are you considering the health & safety and particularly the mental health of your employees beyond lockdown? HR expert Alison Schreiber will guide you through what to consider and expect in the return to the office after remote working and staff returning to work after furlough.

Managing redundancy during lockdown

What does the redundancy process look like during lockdown, particularly when you're managing a remote workforce and furloughed employees? Watch our webinar with guest speaker Emma del Torto, a HR entrepreneur and former lawyer who has founded two businesses.

Leadership in the new normal: how SME leaders can thrive

Watch our webinar on SME leadership skills in 'the new normal', where myhrtoolkit CEO Jon Curtis is joined by international speaker and best-selling author Steve Cockram of GiANT.

Solving recruitment challenges during lockdown

Watch our business webinar on recruitment during and after lockdown, with top tips on hiring and onboarding staff remotely from guest speaker Adrian McDonagh (hireful).

Supporting employee mental health during lockdown

How is lockdown affecting employees' mental health? Watch this webinar with inspirational guest speaker Nick Elston on supporting employees and colleagues with their mental health and wellbeing during lockdown.

Navigating furlough as an employer

Solicitor and business owner Mark Fallon from the Mr Finch law firm explains the latest government guidance around COVID-19 and furlough, with a focus on the impact for employers in the short- and medium-term.

Furlough Q&A session

We invited HR Director and experienced business owner Tracey Hudson (of The HR Dept) to answer questions on furlough. Find out more about how the rules around furlough work and how this will affect your business and staff.

Responding to COVID-19: An employer's guide to homeworking

Myhrtoolkit’s directors (Jon Curtis, Bob Teasdale, Kit Barker) on what to consider for staff working from home

Absence and holiday management during/after lockdown

How can you effectively manage staff absences and holiday during and after lockdown? In this webinar, we share top tips on how to manage staff holidays and sicknesses during the COVID-19 lockdown period

Support for staff with childcare responsibilities

Find out how to support staff with children during lockdown with this webinar from Parental Choice CEO Sarah-Jane Butler. There are lots of strategies that can be put in place to help support staff and keep the business running smoothly.

Legislation updates: furlough and holiday carry over

HR Director Tracey Hudson (HR Dept) and CEO Sarah-Jane Butler (Parental Choice) guide you through the furlough process and changes to holiday carry over rules.

Blog posts

Can businesses stop company sick pay for isolating unvaccinated employees?

Several HR and employment law experts explore the legal and employee relations issues around stopping company sick pay for isolating unvaccinated employees.

Sick leave self-certification extended and SSP rebate scheme reintroduced

The UK government has recently announced some temporary measures relating to sickness absence in response to recent developments in the COVID-19 pandemic and the Omicron variant.

Why now is the perfect time for a cultural reset in your business

Are you making the most of what you and your staff have learned about how to work well since the pandemic? Learn why now is the perfect time for a cultural reset in your business with this insightful article from HR and recruitment consultant Gemma Hart.

How can your business prepare for the end of furlough?

How can your business prepare for the end of furlough? Employment lawyer Catherine Wilson gives her tips. Plus, you can download our checklist of 10 key actions for employers to make sure you're taking all the steps you need.

Can businesses legally cut pay for remote workers?

Many employers have stated that they do not expect their employees to go back to the workplace on a full-time basis and that hybrid working or even full remote working will become the ‘new normal’. But how does this affect employees’ pay and benefits? Can employers cut pay for remote workers?

How to manage asynchronous communication at work

What is asynchronous communication all about and how can you make it work best for your business? HR consultant Kate Marchant gives her tips on how to communicate smoothly with staff, no matter the time or place.

Can your business legally have a 'no jab no job' policy?

Can businesses legally put a 'no jab no job' policy in place? Freeths LLP Senior Associate, Toby Pochron outlines the legal implications and how employers can discuss COVID-19 vaccinations with their employees without causing potential discrimination issues.

Exchanging formal for comfort: office dress code post-COVID

With returning to work on the horizon, in whatever way that may look, there is also the question of office dress code and how you should approach this.

Managing absence in the new normal: an employer's guide

How can businesses best manage employee absence given the ongoing effects of the pandemic on both employees' physical and mental health? Read HR consultant Kate Marchant's guide on managing absence in the new normal to learn how to manage absence effectively.

How to manage employees with long COVID

What is long COVID and how can you manage employees who have been impacted by it? Employment lawyer and Freeths Senior Associate, Toby Pochron gives an overview of this syndrome and how to support employees.

Staff returning to work after COVID: what do HR experts advise?

What do the HR and employment law experts advise in managing a smooth and safe return to the office? We’ve asked a range of consultants and here’s what they had to say…

How to manage hybrid working requests

How can you manage employees' requests for hybrid working smoothly and effectively for the business? HR consultant and author Gemma Dale gives her tips.

7 ways to maximise employee retention as we return to the workplace

HR consultant Kate Marchant explores how employers can maximise employee retention as more of us return to the physical workplace. Read her 7 tips to learn how to boost employee retention in your business.

How will the pandemic continue to affect employee holidays?

How will the pandemic continue to affect employee holidays? Paul Chamberlain, who is head of JMW’s Employment team, outlines the issues employers should be considering when it comes to staff taking annual leave and travelling during the pandemic.

Creating a safe working environment as staff return to the workplace

How can you make sure staff remain safe physically and mentally as more of us start to return to the workplace post-COVID? Employment solicitor Toby Pochron outlines 5 ways to create a safe working environment.

5 ways to support mental health as staff return to the workplace

How are you supporting your staff's mental health as they return to the workplace - or indeed continue to be in the workplace if they have been key workers? HR consultant and author Gemma Dale shares her tips.

COVID-19 vaccines and the workplace: what are the legal issues?

Find out what employers and managers need to be aware of around encouraging vaccines and situations where employees may refuse to get vaccinated.

Introducing performance management when your workforce is remote

How do you ensure effective performance management when employees work remotely?

The most popular jobs in the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic is having seismic effects on the job market and which types of work are available to job searchers.

Which benefits and perks do employees want most in 2021?

Let's take a look at the workplace perks and benefits employees want most in 2021, given the rapidly changing nature of the modern workplace, and what employers should consider when it comes to benefits and what to prioritise.

The biggest webinar and video call distractions!

We’ve all got a lot more used to hopping onto video calls and attending webinars! Here is a list of the biggest webinar and video call distractions our Sales & Marketing team discussed during one our team meetings…

Employers' legal responsibilities in managing a return to the office

Senior Solicitor Toby Pochron explores the law around health and safety at work and the responsibilities employers have in managing a return to the office during a pandemic.

The rise of the hybrid workplace?

Has the pandemic kickstarted the rise of the hybrid workplace, where more of us will split our time between the office and our homes? HR Director Gemma Dale investigates...

How is work set to change after coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic has redefined the state of work as we know it. Businesses have had to quickly react and adapt to a sudden shift to home working.

How coronavirus has impacted the biggest causes of staff absence

There has always been a need for organisations to manage sickness absence, but what are the potential implications for absence management when living and working through a global pandemic?

Remote workers and e-presenteeism

We will look at how the shift to remote working has affected presenteeism levels (with a rise in ‘e-presenteeism’) and how to manage this effectively.

Holiday management in lockdown: software is more important than ever

Since late March, almost half of the UK working population has been working predominantly from home. There have been no shortage of implications – including those practical, day to day tasks of management such as managing holidays.

How HR software is helping businesses adapt to the new normal

We’ve all been getting used to new ways of working over the past few months. Businesses have become accustomed to making big changes to survive and thrive throughout the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdown.

Can employers reduce staff hours – and should they?

Many businesses will consider temporarily or permanently reducing staff hours to retain staff while reducing overheads.

The workplace re-imagined: new challenges employers face in 'the new normal'

Let's consider the virtual workplace and the ‘new normal’ - and why employers should think cautiously when re-imagining their future workplaces, as there will inevitably be new workplace challenges emerging.

The future of remote working - what do employers think?

What will be the future of remote working after drastic shifts? Will there be more remote work opportunities for employees or will things go back more to the levels they were?

Managing annual leave during lockdown - key questions answered

How can you effectively manage annual leave during lockdown? We recently spoke to Tracey Hudson, Executive Director of HR Dept South Warwickshire, Rugby & North Derbyshire.

The great return to work: helping employees adapt

If you’re an employer who is preparing to reopen business or to begin reopening your office/premises, now is the time to be putting together a plan for how you will achieve this.

Coronavirus in the workplace: how to keep employees safe

Irrespective of whether you work in an office or a different setting, there are some things that all employers can do to ensure that their employees are kept safe from coronavirus workplace exposures.

Coronavirus and work: what are UK employers’ responsibilities?

Employers’ responsibilities during the coronavirus crisis will depend on the nature of your business. Despite this, there are some things that any employer responsible for one or more employees must follow.

Hiring remotely: how to recruit employees during lockdown

We’ve put together some guidance on how to set up - and make the most out of - hiring candidates remotely.

Managing staff absence during lockdown

Absence management has long been a complex issue for businesses – and now, during the COVID-19 lockdown, this is truer than ever.

Learning more about furlough...

Employers and HR professionals have a lot of questions around the furlough process, as it is both new and complex.

Supporting employee mental health during lockdown

Lockdown has been a tricky time for us all – and there is a lot of concern nationally around how it will impact on our mental health.

Business crisis management: how to be a good employer during a crisis

Employers are ideally placed to help guide staff to take the right actions and precautions when it comes to crisis situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

How employees can stay connected while working from home

How can you provide means of communication normally taken for granted with a remote workforce?

Coronavirus: how to manage employees working from home

How can businesses adapt to employees working from home without losing productivity in the process?

Working from home tips for COVID-19 and beyond

Here is our list of working from home tips to make remote working a little bit easier for everyone.

HR software: the ideal remote working HR solution

For HR admin when you have employees working remotely, HR software is an ideal solution.

Support guides

Using myhrtoolkit to manage staff during Coronavirus

Keeping track of Working From Home and Furloughed staff using General Absence and File Notes

Holiday entitlement carry over and coronavirus

The UK government is issuing new guidelines surrounding the Carry Over of Holiday entitlement.

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