Keeping people informed with HR software notifications

Published on February 20, 2013 by Fiona Sanderson

Here is a quick overview of two myhrtoolkit functions; both of which are designed to keep your management team well informed.

The weekly report

You can set myhrtoolkit's HR software to send you a weekly digest email providing useful information and flagging forthcoming information and events for assigned staff. It can include absence, holidays, highlight any unread documents and even forthcoming birthdays.

This is available to all your managers and controllers and can be personally customised.

FlagHR software notifications

The notifications section is dedicated to advising key people of significant incidents, like changes to personal details, holidays, starters and leavers. These can be sent to managers, controllers, specified individuals and any email address within your business (such as trainingteam@).

This flags elements as they happen and allows actions, such as enabling your payroll colleagues to easily collect holiday data, and the training team to set up inductions for new starters.

Areas within Notifications are:

  • Changes to personal details – as soon as they happen
  • Holidays - on the first day of a period of holiday
  • Starters – when they are set up on the system
  • Leavers – on the day a worker leaves
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Written by Fiona Sanderson

Fiona is Marketing Manager at myhrtoolkit. Her areas of expertise include HR systems, productivity, employment law updates, and creating HR infographics.

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