5 of this month’s best HR blog posts

Published on February 26, 2016 by Fiona Sanderson

5 of this month’s best HR blog posts

We’ve come across some great bloggers this month giving their unique and often quite humorous take on HR issues.

You’ll find a taster of their blog posts below, so if you want to find out more just click on the links and enter their world of HR goodness and people ponderings.

A question of degree

Neil Usher, workessence

You’ve just received the workplace survey link. It’s like being given a banjo and asked to hit a cow’s backside: you just can’t miss. It’s just a question of degree. The property team will read your response under a hail of trepidation and nausea, given the constraints under which they are working and the.… Read more

HR for the many, not the few

Neil Morrison, change-effect

Sometimes I can’t help thinking that we’re having the wrong debate. Scratch that. It’s not sometimes, it’s most of the time. We’re having the wrong debate, because most of the participants are looking at the world through a single lens: A middle class, professional, privileged lens. We have an obsession with…. Read more

Are home workers more productive than office workers?

by Alex Beynon of HuntsOffice

A lot of modern companies are looking to increase workplace flexibility by allowing their workforce to work from home occasionally if they need to. While this may seem like a great idea at first, many people still have their reservations regarding…. Read more

HR strategies for innovation

By Peter Cook, Human Dynamics and The Academy of Rock

What strategies and tactics can HR use to encourage innovation? How can you structure your company to encourage better collaboration? How do you create a culture where curiosity, playfulness a sense of forgiveness are given… Read more

Love the job you’re in

By Benchmark Recruitment

Considering we spend a large percentage of our lives in the work place it’s important to feel fulfilled and to take enjoyment in your role. If you can learn to love your role you’ll be more productive, and bring… Read more

Looking for something a little different?

We hope you enjoy reading the above blog posts as much as we did!
That said, if there’s a people issue that you’re facing at the moment and none of the above topics quite hit the mark, don’t forget to check out our own HR blog. Just click here and come find us.

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