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Track and report on Bradford Factor scores quickly and easily with this core absence management feature.

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Bradford Factor software for absence management

Automate your Bradford Factor calculations for easy absence management and reporting with myhrtoolkit HR software. As part of our absence management system, myhrtoolkit’s Bradford Factor functionality helps managers track employees’ scores, create reports, and receive automatic messages when scores reach certain points.

Bradford Factor calculator software features

  • Automatically update Bradford Factor scores

    An employee’s Bradford Factor score updates automatically whenever a manager enters a sickness absence. This helps you track absence levels accurately and fairly across the organisation.

  • Run reports on the Bradford Factor

    As part of the sickness absence report, you can see and regularly report on individual employees’ Bradford Factor scores. Using the sickness absence analysis report, you can also see Bradford Factor averages across the organisation, or for specific departments and locations.

  • Set up Bradford Factor trigger points

    Bradford Factor trigger points act as useful automatic reminders that flag up on the system when an employee’s score passes a set threshold. Managers can then react promptly, in line with your absence policies. You can also set up trigger points for instances and days of absence.

The benefits of Bradford Factor Software

  • Save time on calculating and updating Bradford Factor scores with an automated software solution.

  • Adopt a fairer and more consistent approach to sickness absence management within a highly organised and secure system.

  • Review average Bradford Factor scores for the organisation, or for a particular location/department.

  • Ensure absence policies are followed in line with Bradford Factor score thresholds with specialised trigger points.

“I think it’s very useful having one online place where everything’s recorded, you can see any patterns. If there’s any patterns of Monday morning absences, it’s much easier for you to see it, it’s much easier for the employee to see it. Everybody’s very accountable, it’s very transparent and it’s recorded forevermore.”

- Louisa Harrison-Walker, Benchmark Recruit
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