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CJCH Solicitors improve HR compliance with myhrtoolkit

CJCH Solicitors is a modern legal practice with five offices in the United Kingdom and representation across the globe. The firm offers a range of services in both corporate and private matters.

We spoke to Operations Manager, Lianne Welsh about how the myhrtoolkit system has helped them develop a more consistent and compliant approach to HR management.

What HR and staff management challenges did you have before using myhrtoolkit?

"Before using myhrtoolkit, our company didn’t have a consistent way to manage HR and staff protocol. Simple HR tasks like booking annual leave or recording absences quickly became quite complicated and difficult for the company to keep track of.

"Myhrtoolkit’s HR software simplifies HR and staff management and makes sure that everyone is doing the same thing across the board. I think that if you don’t have this system in place, it’s very difficult to know that all your team are on the same page."

How has using myhrtoolkit helped you solve your HR challenges?

"Myhrtoolkit has simplified things for our HR and staff management. It’s very easy to use and has a clear interface.

"One of the benefits of using myhrtoolkit is that even if you aren’t confident about how to use the software, there are many tutorials, guides and on hand support available to you as a customer.

"It just makes life easier all around!"

What is your favourite feature on the myhrtoolkit system and why?

"When I’m setting up a new employee, I find that it’s very easy to get through each section. It takes me no time at all to get all their information sorted. It’s fantastic the way it’s set up, it prompts you to fill out all of the key employee information that you might need down the line."

Would you recommend myhrtoolkit to others? If so, why?

"I’ve already recommended it to my former colleagues. Mainly because it’s so user friendly. You don’t need to be a techy person to use it!"

How has using myhrtoolkit helped you comply with industry regulations?

"Myhrtoolkit helps ensure that our company is doing everything from an HR point of view correctly and effectively. As I’ve said before, it’s fantastic that the software takes you step-by-step through what to input, as this ensures that you aren’t leaving out any information that you may need in the future."

How have you found the software for storing and accessing documents for audits and other legal matters?

"We use myhrtoolkit for storing employee documents and handbooks. We find that the document management is great as it can be quickly accessible to both employees and employers."

How has using myhrtoolkit helped your firm with saving on costs?

"I think myhrtoolkit has saved our company money in saving our employees time that can be better spent elsewhere. You don’t have to spend hours going in between different systems or having to manually set up your own spreadsheets, because it’s all set up automatically and professionally in myhrtoolkit. The system is definitely cost effective in terms of people’s time."

Myhrtoolkit helps ensure that our company is doing everything from an HR point of view correctly and effectively.
Lianne Welsh
Lianne Welsh
Operations Manager, CJCH Solicitors

Top benefits for CJCH Solicitors:

Simplified HR and staff management with more consistent processes
Using software saves the company money in reducing time spent on HR admin
The business and employees can quickly access the documents and information they need
Tutorials, guides, and on hand support available for customers
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