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Claydon Dental use myhrtoolkit and iLearn to ensure their practice's compliance is maintained

Claydon Dental is a private dental practice based situated in the heart of Steep Claydon, Buckinghamshire. Claydon Dental provides a broad range of dental products and services.

We spoke to Practice Manager and Qualified Dental Nurse, Steven Parker about why Claydon Dental use myhrtoolkit and iLearn to manage their practice's day-to-day HR requirements. 

How did you handle staff management and admin before using myhrtoolkit?

"I first started using myhrtoolkit as an employee in a previous role, in 2016. When I joined Claydon Dental, the organisation’s HR administration was heavily reliant on spreadsheets and folders that stored all its employee data. I found that this process was very manual and took up a lot more time in comparison to using myhrtoolkit in my previous position. I suggested to the team to invest in myhrtoolkit as it would help streamline the company’s HR functions, keep everything digital and in one centralised location."

How do you use myhrtoolkit in your practice?

"We mainly use myhrtoolkit for updating pay, correspondence, document management, holidays, and absence – all our core HR functions. We also use myhrtoolkit to store all our employee details and training certificates.

"All Claydon Dental’s employees have access to their own myhrtoolkit account. They can quickly view their own contracts, request holiday days, add their own TOIL, etc. This definitely saves us time and streamlines any HR related tasks."

How does myhrtoolkit help your dental practice stay compliant?

"Compliance is really important in dentistry. What’s great about myhrtoolkit is that the document management feature helps us to stay compliant with CQC regulations. We can easily distribute policies and procedures to our team, quickly see who has opened them, and the software provides a section for the team to confirm they’ve read the contents of the document. This is a really useful feature that helps us to have a digital audit trail rather than taking more time to go round and get signatures from everyone in person.

"On our last CQC inspection in March 2021, the inspectors were really impressed by the audit trail myhrtoolkit provides as it gave them the clarification they needed to prove that our company policies were being read and understood by all team members.

"Myhrtoolkit’s document management feature also helps us to ensure compliance for new starters. Claydon Dental uses myhrtoolkit feature to upload CVs, employer references, induction sheets, photographic ID, job description, DBS number, qualification certification and their employment contract. This helps us to maintain compliance and provide a clear reference point to the CQC."

How do you use iLearn for managing staff training?

"We are currently using iLearn to manage our internal training. All our team have access to their iLearn account and will have a list of training to complete on an annual basis. The content is regularly updated and is easy to digest. We also use iLearn to prioritise training courses recommended by the GDC website, such as disinfection, decontamination, and radiography.

"We use iLearn and myhrtoolkit in conjunction together to report on our organisation’s overall staff training processes to CQC. We also use myhrtoolkit’s training management feature to store an online record of all employee certificates too."

Would you recommend myhrtoolkit to others? If so, why?

"Yes. Myhrtoolkit is so user friendly and easy to navigate. Other HR software platforms I’ve seen appear to have a very complicated interface in comparison to myhrtoolkit. Using myhrtoolkit also saves on time, improves organisation, and is an affordable solution for any business."

Using myhrtoolkit saves on time, improves organisation, and is an affordable solution for any business.
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Steven Parker
Practice Manager and Qualified Dental Nurse, Claydon Dental

Top benefits for Claydon Dental:

Saves time and streamlines HR tasks
Helps us to stay compliant with CQC regulations
User friendly and easy to navigate
Improves organisation and is an affordable solution
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