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Devonshire House Dental Practice uses myhrtoolkit to ensure business compliance

Devonshire Dental House Practice provide dental care services in Cambridge with a patient-centred approach. We spoke to Office Manager, Fiona McGlashan about how using myhrtoolkit has helped the practice to ensure business compliance.

How did you handle staff management and admin before using myhrtoolkit?

I’ve worked at Devonshire House Dental Practice for 5 years and the company has consistently used myhrtoolkit to manage employee admin for 4 of those years. Before we started using myhrtoolkit, all our documents were scanned and put in various online folders, in an effort to go paperless. However, finding and comparing HR data was disconnected and led to duplication of documents. One benefit of using myhrtoolkit is that we can access all HR tasks in one centralised, online location which is helping us to achieve our goal to go paper free!

How has using myhrtoolkit helped your dental practice’s compliance practices?

Compliance is at the core of every dental practice and myhrtoolkit has definitely helped us remain compliant with its features to record employee documents, qualifications and view an extensive history of employee training records. The software also sets reminders when certificates or qualifications are due to expire. We can guarantee our business remains compliant with myhrtoolkit’s features and built-in automations.

We also use myhrtoolkit in conjunction with Agilio iLearn and iComply. We use iLearn to execute our employee training programmes and we incorporate the resources from iComply to implement the best compliance procedures into our dental practice. By using myhrtoolkit, iComply and iLearn together, we are confident our dental practice is compliant.

Regularly using iComply and iLearn in conjunction with myhrtoolkit assures we’re always ready to present to CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspectors at any moment. In addition, the CQC can use iComply to access specific data and the system also populates reports that relate directly to the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs). The three packages combined is a great solution for any dental practice looking to ensure business compliance and gain peace of mind.   

What documents do you store in myhrtoolkit?

We store the majority of our employee documents in myhrtoolkit. When we hire a new employee, we use myhrtoolkit to distribute new starter forms, such as: payroll forms, medical details, diversity documents, DBS checks, and GDPR regulations. This always ensures our new employee process is conforming to CQC regulations.

Myhrtoolkit’s document management feature also lets managers view if an employee has or hasn’t read a document and provides an inbuilt feature to remind employees to read it. This is great to ensure all employees are in the loop and employee compliance is managed. In addition, we can securely store GDC (General Dental Council) registrations and indemnity insurance records in myhrtoolkit.

Would you recommend myhrtoolkit to other healthcare providers?

I would, yes. Primarily because of the different levels of access myhrtoolkit provides. Managers and senior team members can see an overarching view of HR data, manage employee administration, and be aware of sensitive employee information. In turn, employees have access to their own myhrtoolkit account, which gives them the autonomy to login, access their documents, book holidays, and other actions with just a few clicks. Firstly, this saves us time on back-and-forth emails with colleagues. Secondly, providing different levels of access ensures confidential information isn’t shared across the company and is stored in a safe place. Confidentiality is paramount in healthcare and myhrtoolkit supports us with this. After research, we’ve not found a HR software provider quite like it!


Confidentiality is paramount in healthcare and myhrtoolkit supports us with this. After research, we've not found a HR software provider quite like it!
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Fiona McGlashan
Office Manager, Devonshire House Dental Practice

Top benefits for Devonshire House Dental Practice:

Ensuring business compliance is ensured
Supporting the practice to go paper-free
Having HR admin all in one centralised location streamlines communication
Providing different levels of access ensure confidential information is secure
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