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ELM Legal Services transforms their HR management with myhrtoolkit

ELM Legal Services is a specialist will writing, probate and estates business serving clients across England and Wales. The company is in the top 5 providers of will writing services in the UK.

We talked to James Emsley, the Founder and CEO, to learn how using HR software has helped ELM Legal Services with HR and staff management.

What HR challenges did your firm have before using myhrtoolkit?

"Keeping everything in one place was the main issue. We've got teams that are fragmented; for example, we had the call centre downstairs and all the admin staff upstairs. So having our records all in one place was a bit tricky. Plus, we were using paper records that people could quite easily access, so it was also a challenge to keep it all secure."

How has the software helped you solve these challenges?

"In the first instance, it gave us access to put everything on the cloud, so we could then dip in and out, upload documents, and have a lot more control over what the staff could see and what they couldn't see. It was also good for contracts; once those were signed, we could upload those and, if we had correspondences with the staff, we could then put those in the system too."

"The software is fabulous, it works very, very well! It also worked very well for redundancies, because we could do a lot of correspondence back and forth."

What's your favourite myhrtoolkit feature?

"I would say probably holiday management. Being able to allocate holiday managers, who are then able to look and cross-reference to make sure that we've got the cover, is brilliant. Staff are able to go in and say 'I'd like some holiday' and then we can say very quickly: you've only got a day left or you’ve got two days left and so on."

"We basically shut down at Christmas and part of the contract is that staff have to take that as a set holiday. So, we're able to put that in at the beginning of the year and say this is your holiday and we're taking a chunk of that for Christmas. So, you know that everyone knows where they are with things."

Has myhrtoolkit helped your firm with saving on costs?

"Yes, I would say so. I mean, with myhrtoolkit and the outsourced HR helpline we use, it's almost like having an HR department which is offset and is there when we need it. It's a nice model and it works very well. It's one of those things where it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it."

"If you get a problem member of staff, that can cause a whole heap of trouble and give you a real headache that you don't really need, which HR can help with."

Would you recommend myhrtoolkit to others?

"Yes, I would – and I already have! There have been other companies I know who have been moaning at me about HR, so I say you want to look at myhrtoolkit because it's easy to use, it's in the cloud, and you can give as much access as you want to your staff.

"It gives companies the ability to be able to upload documents, view documents, book holidays, appraisals, and look at employment history. If you've got somebody who needs a written warning, it's all there to enable.

"I think the software is very adept, it's very easy to use, and it gives us the ability to be able to control and see and keep everything in one place. You need it!"

I think the software is very adept, it's very easy to use, and it gives us the ability to be able to control, see and keep everything in one place. You need it!
James Elmsley, Founder and CEO, ELM Legal Services
James Emsley
Founder and CEO, ELM Legal Services
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