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PSP Association's HR processes become more streamlined and efficient with myhrtoolkit

The PSP Association is a UK charity that provides support for people living with the neurological conditions PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) or CBD (Corticobasal Degeneration) and their families, as well as funding vital research into these conditions.

We spoke to Office Manager, Debbie Benadie about why PSP Association chose myhrtoolkit for staff management, and how the software has helped their HR processes become more streamlined and efficient.

How did you handle staff management and admin before using myhrtoolkit?

"We used to use files, folders, and spreadsheets for our HR. Holidays were on a spreadsheet and everything else like contracts were stored in a secure file online.

"There were issues with this system, especially around keeping a record of holidays. The staff would have to fill in a paper leave form, which would then go to the manager to get signed off. This would come back to me, and I’d have to update the spreadsheet. So, if there were any mistakes in the spreadsheet or the formula was wrong, there would be discrepancies. With myhrtoolkit I don’t have to think about that as it does it all for me."

Why did you choose myhrtoolkit to be your HR software provider?

"Our CEO at that time looked into it and decided myhrtoolkit was the best option and the way to go, so I implemented the software. I had no problems with the implementation process, it was easy to follow and understand from uploading documents to setting up people etc. As time has gone on, we’ve been using the software a lot more than when we first started using it, so every now and again I contact support to ask about particular features and functions.

"I’m really happy with myhrtoolkit, it’s been great using it, no issues that I can tell."

How has using myhrtoolkit met your staff management requirements?

"I think it’s met all our requirements – we can store everything on there, it keeps a record of everyone’s annual leave, their TOIL, sickness, that sort of thing. We do use the probation area, getting an alert that somebody has a probation coming to an end has been really useful.

"For staff who do payroll, it’s easy for them to access and look at all the sickness information for payroll. It seems to be working quite well!"

What is your favourite feature on the myhrtoolkit system and why?

"My favourite feature is probably the holiday management feature because it’s something that’s easy to access, people can ask how much holiday they have left and it’s simple to find this out. Storing holiday information is really easy. Plus, there is a calendar feature which enables you to see everyone who is on leave, off sick etc. at once, which is very useful."

How have you found the level of support myhrtoolkit provides during and after set-up?

"The support team have been great. If I log a ticket and need support, they come back to me with a link or the right answers on what to do, so they’ve been very helpful."

Would you recommend myhrtoolkit to others? If so, why?

"I would absolutely recommend myhrtoolkit. It’s user-friendly and the software does what you expect it to do! So yes, definitely."

I would absolutely recommend myhrtoolkit. It’s user-friendly and the software does what you expect it to do!
Debbie Benadie PSP Association
Debbie Benadie
Office Manager, PSP Association

Top benefits for PSP Association:

Making HR processes more streamlined and accurate
An easy implementation process and great support
Keeping staff data and HR documentation all in one secure place
A useful overview of staff holiday and absence with self-service functionality
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