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The Children's Hospital Charity 'make it better' with myhrtoolkit

The Children’s Hospital Charity helps raise funds for the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, one of four specialist children’s hospitals in the UK. The charity helps fund specialist medical equipment, vital research, facilities and the hospital environment to provide the best care for children. Visit the Children's Hospital Charity website to learn more about their fundraising campaigns.

Charity Business Manager, Bruce Granger, has found the myhrtoolkit system hugely helpful for saving time on HR admin as a flexible staff management tool for the organisation.

How did you handle HR admin before using myhrtoolkit?

"Before we had myhrtoolkit in place, everything was on paper and it was a bit messy!"

Why did you choose myhrtoolkit to be your HR software provider?

"It was back in 2012 when we chose myhrtoolkit; I didn’t have a great knowledge of the HR software market at that point, so chose myhrtoolkit on recommendation from contacts of ours. A group of managers from the charity were given a demonstration and we decided it was the right platform for us. We’ve been happy customers since then!"

How has using myhrtoolkit helped you manage your staff?

"The software has helped us greatly; we’re a small charity with a growing number of staff, from around 13 members of staff to currently almost 27. We’ve found myhrtoolkit to be a flexible management tool for us in this respect.

"It’s a good system for covering all the bases, for example acting as our document repository for employment contracts and important HR documents, as well as managing absence, holidays, and pay and benefits."

Which features do you use the most?

"Personally, as an administrator for our account I most often use the absence management report to feed into our payroll activities. I’ve also found the setup features easy to use and beneficial.

"For our managers, the holiday section is used regularly, particularly for managing TOIL. Absence management is another key feature the managers use daily.

"The staff are happy to use the system too, particularly for requesting holidays. We’ve had no negative feedback from staff about the software in the whole time we’ve been using it, unlike some of the other systems! So clearly, they’re finding it easy to use."

How have you found the level of support myhrtoolkit provides during and after set-up?

"It’s been a while since we set up the system! For the occasional queries I have had for the support team, they respond nice and quickly, usually within the day. But I haven’t come across many issues while I’ve been using the system."

Would you recommend myhrtoolkit to others? If so, why?

"I would definitely recommend the system; as a small but growing charity, it’s made things easier for managing our staff. The platform is intuitive and clear to use, an easy system to navigate, and perfect for day to day HR admin."

The platform is intuitive and clear to use, an easy system to navigate, and perfect for day to day HR admin.
The Children's Hospital Charity
Bruce Granger
Charity Business Manager, The Children's Hospital Charity

Top benefits for The Children's Hospital Charity:

The system is easy to use for staff at all access levels to do daily HR admin tasks.
The holiday feature helps managers review holiday requests and manage TOIL.
The system has become key for storing important HR documents and contracts.
The system is flexible and ideal for a growing team.
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