Partner Case Study:

Amica HR finds a software partner who also goes the extra mile with myhrtoolkit.

Amica HR provide HR services and support across Lincolnshire and the UK.

Director Suzanne Tricker had experience with several HR systems and wanted to recommend the ideal system for her customers:

“In many cases, we found that clients were spending a lot of money and effort on implementing systems that were unnecessary for them and too complex to use well. So, we were careful in choosing which system we would want to recommend for clients.”

Why did you choose myhrtoolkit?

“We chose myhrtoolkit because the company and the software align with our values; the system is transparent, reasonably priced, and helps keep people’s information organised. We like the company too, as they also have a focus on being approachable and helpful, often going to the extra mile for customers.”

What do your clients like about myhrtoolkit?

“Our clients like how straightforward the software is; it’s a simple process for their employees to get on board and starting using the system. Clients also like that it’s available on mobile and tablet as well as desktop, making it easy to use remotely.”

Customers know we’re genuinely recommending something that will work for them, not just selling for the sake of selling.
Suzanne Tricker
Director, Amica HR

Top benefits for Amica HR:

The system is accessible and straightforward, making it easy for customers and their staff to get started
The myhrtoolkit Support Team offers great levels of support for Partners
Myhrtoolkit lets the company focus on what they do best whilst offering different services
The software is constantly improving for customers without becoming complicated
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