Partner Case Study:

The HR Dept Cambridge & North Herts find extra ways to support their clients.

The HR Dept is a national HR and employment law outsourcing organisation with branches across the UK and Ireland. We caught up with HR Dept Cambridge & North Herts Director, Caroline White, who offers myhrtoolkit as part of the team’s services for clients

How has partnering with myhrtoolkit benefited your business?

The myhrtoolkit system gives us something more than we can offer our clients. In some cases, clients have got the system in place and they’ve asked us if we can get more involved in their admin. For instance, a client has given me access to their account so that I can do it remotely and help them.

Not only is it an add-on service where we get a bit of commission, it also allows us to say, well, we can support you even more than we would normally do.

What do your clients tend to like about the software?

Absence management is their biggest thing, followed by Holidays. Clients like to have everything in one place, so for example they can put an updated handbook in place and send
it out. I think they like that document management element as well.

How do you introduce myhrtoolkit to your clients?

When we first speak with new clients, we will ask them what they do now for holidays, measuring absence, and all those kinds of things. We also have reviews with our current clients and if something comes up – such as how to work out holidays for flexible staff – I can say: ‘Have you considered having something like myhrtoolkit?’ I can send them some information and arrange a free demo, because actually it will make their life a whole lot easier.

Why would you recommend myhrtoolkit partnership to other consultants?

Within the HR Dept community, it gives us a little bit of commission and it gives us an add-on; it’s a nice service to be able to offer people. The software facilitates those little
extra bits that we can do for people.

The software facilitates those little extra bits that we can do for people.
Caroline White, HR Dept
Caroline White
Director, the HR Dept Cambridge & North Herts

Top benefits for HR Dept Cambridge & North Herts:

A great service option for new and existing clients
Helps clients keep all their HR information in one place
More oversight on Clients' HR admin using the system
They also use the software to manage their own HR
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