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J Mann Associates provides their clients added value with HR Software

J Mann Associates is an HR outsourcing company that specialises in helping SME business owners create a high performing culture. We talked to founder Jacqui Mann about the longstanding partnership with myhrtoolkit and why our system is first choice for J Mann and their clients.

How has partnering with myhrtoolkit benefited your business?

The software helps us store all the details and have all the employee information on there, which we can then manage for the client so that they can then see it all being done. For clients it's great because they don't have to do anything, because we do it all for them.

What do your clients like about the software?

I think the biggest thing is the holiday feature. It's amazing how many people still have spreadsheets for holidays! I think the fact that you can manage holidays, and that you can see who's got holiday left, has been very good during lockdown with furlough and getting people to take their holidays. Otherwise, you could end up with huge amounts of holiday that's still left to be taken.

What do you appreciate most about partnering with myhrtoolkit?

The myhrtoolkit team have been very good at listening and the support is good. It's quite personal; when you phone up it doesn't feel like a call centre type of approach; people do talk to you and are very helpful.

Would you recommend myhrtoolkit's Partner Programme to other consultants and why?

I think it's one of the better systems out there. There are various systems that have to be right for what the clients need; there are some other systems that we don't feel do the job as good as myhrtoolkit does. I think myhrtoolkit works well for SMEs, and we found it really does work for us.

What is your favourite feature on myhrtoolkit and why?

Being able to run reports is great. We do holiday reports every month for our clients to see which employees have still got holiday to take. We also run absence reports every month. We’ll go back to our client and say: ‘These are the people we need to be having a little chat to because this is how much absence they've had. Let's organise an initial meeting to see what the issues are and how we can start to bring this absence down.’

I think myhrtoolkit works well for SMEs, and we found it really does work for us.
Jacqui Mann Headshot
Jacqui Mann
Founder, J Mann Associates

Top benefits for Keeping HR Simple:

An ideal solution for a consultancy with an SME client base
Myhrtoolkit's HR software helps streamline client HR administration
The myhrtoolkit team provides helpful and personal support
Myhrtoolkit instantly provides insightful reports on client data
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