Partner Case Study:

Kernow HR adds value to clients through myhrtoolkit's Partner Programme

Shelley Tookey works as the founder and as an independent HR consultant at Kernow HR. Kernow HR specialises in providing outsourced HR services and general HR advice to over 30 clients, mainly in Cornwall and the South West.

How did partnering with myhrtoolkit come about?

I had a client that had no HR support and originally used an independent solicitor for general outsourced HR and legal services, which cost them a fortune. The client had no existing systems in place and I quickly realised that they needed one tool to manage their documents, holiday requests and employee handbooks, etc in one place – that’s when I came across myhrtoolkit.

I really liked myhrtoolkit and felt that the product would work really well with my clients. From research, I gathered that the HR software was easy-to-use, helped to streamline all the essential HR tasks that small business need and it was affordable for what you receive.


How have your client's benefited from the software?

My clients have noted several things that they like about myhrtoolkit’s HR software. Clients frequently mention how user-friendly the interface is which makes it easy to navigate and use practically within their businesses. My clients have said that myhrtoolkit has all the core features they need to maintain and manage their HR administration effectively.

Clients also receive a lot of benefit from having all the HR documents online. It ensures they’re compliant with GDPR and allows them to access their business-critical documents from any location (not just from the office). Having their documents online in a centralised location also means that they can keep any sensitive employee information more secure.

A few of my clients have contacted the myhrtoolkit support team and have found their experience to be pleasant and really informative.


How has partnering with myhrtoolkit benefited your business?

The main benefit that myhrtoolkit’s Partner Programme brings to my consultancy is the option to add value to my clients through providing a trusted solution. The HR software is affordable, reliable, and user-friendly, so it’s a go-to solution to recommend to many of my clients.

From speaking to my clients that use myhrtoolkit, they benefit from the system providing them with a secure and paperless solution to manage HR, which they can pay for monthly with no tie-ins.


Would you recommend myhrtoolkit's Partner Programme to other HR consultants?

Yes. Definitely. It’s the perfect solution to provide to any client. The software is user friendly, it’s affordable, works on a monthly rolling contract and provides businesses with all the core HR functions that any small to medium sized business needs.

For a HR consultant, if you’re looking for something to recommend to your clients that is affordable, but will better their HR organisation, myhrtoolkit is a product I would recommend. Myhrtoolkit definitely makes a big difference to small businesses.

Myhrtoolkit definitely makes a big difference to small businesses.
Shelley Tookey
Founder and HR Consultant, Kernow HR

Top benefits for Kernow HR:

Myhrtoolkit's helps me to add value to my clients
Myhrtoolkit's HR software provides clarity on client HR data
HR software provides me with a paperless solution to give clients
Myhrtoolkit is user-friendly and easy to navigate
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