Premier setup service

Your time is valuable, so let's get you off to a flying start...

When myhrtoolkit is set up correctly, it's a powerful tool that transforms the way you do HR. But, as with any piece of software, it's only as good as the data you put in.

That's why we offer our Premier Setup Service

How it works

Our team of experts is here to configure myhrtoolkit to work for your business, ensuring your data is correctly set up and giving you and your staff the smoothest possible transition.

Because we work with this software every day, we can get things set up quickly and correctly so you can start reaping the benefits as soon as possible.

All you have to do is send us your data, answer a few questions, then sit back while we get to work.

We’ll be there to support you whether or not you choose our Premier Setup option — our customer service is second-to-none for all our clients. But your time is valuable, so why not take advantage of our expertise and let us set up the software for you.

Our Premier Setup Service makes sure your system is configured quickly and correctly for a one-off investment.

The package includes our team:

  • Setting up your business environment

  • Creating all your employee records complete with key data points

  • Configuring holiday settings and creating records for staff holiday dates already scheduled

  • Providing a one-to-one, online handover including overview, optional next steps and a comprehensive go-live guide

  • Setting up your absence management system and adding absence records

The Process

  • Initial employee details

    The first step is populating all of your key employee data into the system, such as personal details, hours worked etc. We provide convenient spreadsheet templates to help you collate this data.

  • Holiday and absence environment

    At this stage, we will configure your individual preferences for holiday and absence management. This will include your standard holiday year and bank holidays. We also populate the records of the existing booked holidays and absences for your staff.

  • Handover meeting

    Once all your data is in place and your environment configured, we will arrange your handover meeting. We will show you around your new system and answer any questions you may have. At this point, we will remove our own access to your data and it's over to you! Familiarise yourself with your new HR system and add any further data or documents as needed.

  • Going live

    Following your handover meeting, your myhrtoolkit will go live. Your employees will be given full access to their user accounts and can start using the system. And don't forget, our support team will continue to be on hand to help if you need it!

Premier Setup Price Guide

The pricing for our Premier Setup Service is based on the total number of employees that will be added to your system. Prices start at £149 +VAT.

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