Webinar: Running engaging webinars as an HR professional

"Thank you - very useful and I will be signing up for the next one" - Sarah

"Thank you for today. I've enjoyed it and picked up a couple of things" - Natalie

Dogs barking, children playing, doorbells ringing! In 2020 we saw a rapid rise in remote working; as a result, webinars have become a key way to communicate with clients and the wider business community. But how can you make your webinars stand out, really engage with your audience, and make sure it all goes smoothly?

In this webinar on running engaging webinars, myhrtoolkit Senior Marketing Executive Camille Brouard will run through how we present business/HR webinars to audiences of 50+ people and keep them engaged as regular attendees.

This webinar is perfect for HR advisors and consultants who are looking to use webinars to engage with their clients and SME audiences. We'll be covering:

  • How to advertise webinars and attract registrants
  • Having a smooth and professional presentation style
  • Keeping webinar audiences engaged
  • What to include in follow up materials

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Slideshow from the webinar

PDF article on running engaging webinars

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