Training webinar: Appraisals

All about appraisals in myhrtoolkit



In our appraisals webinar, our Customer Relationship Advisor, Juliette Passam will tour you through the appraisal module, showing you how to track and manage appraisals in your organisation.

We cover the following areas:

  1. Managers' appraisal rights
  2. Appraisal profiles and tasks
  3. My appraisals as appraiser
  4. Appraisal history
  5. Appraisal reporting

During this webinar you will learn about...

  • Managing the appraisal process within your company
  • The opportunity for managers and employees to add documents and notes
  • Granting control and permissions to individual managers
  • How to easily report on appraisal deadlines and their statuses

To view more of our training webinars, head to our training webinars hub. You can also find out more about the management of appraisals in myhrtoolkit with our appraisal support guides.

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