Webinar: Furlough health check: protect your business from furlough fraud

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) has been hugely helpful for UK businesses, but also highly complex in terms of making accurate claims. The HMRC are beginning to crack down on furlough fraud, so it's advisable to perform a furlough health check to make sure all your claims are correct.

Our guest speaker, solicitor Alicia Collinson of Thrive Law, will guide you through the concept of furlough fraud and how to ensure your organisation is making claims to the CJRS correctly. She covers the following:

- How prevalent is furlough fraud and what are the potential consequences?
- The proposed 90-day window to report mistakes in historical furlough claims
- The shift to flexible furlough and how to adjust your claims accordingly

Please note that this webinar uses the information that was available as of August 12th 2020. There have since been update announcements for the furlough scheme, which you can read about in this BBC article.

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